Okay my lovelies, here are the finished pictures of my guest room makeover inspired by Sarah Richardson.
Prior to the makeover, my guest room only had the bed, floor lamp and white bedding.

Sarah's Room

My sister Maria (the decorator) was here last August (2010) and we used all of my current things, mixing in a few new ones. You'll notice this room continues to be a work in progress.
Please note, many of my purchases and prices may no longer be available.

Here is our interpretation:
I nixed the idea of using the bold black and white wallpaper. In fact, I've nixed using wallpaper forever! I can't tell you how much time, blood, sweat, tears and money we've spent removing it and repairing walls.
I chose to introduce black and white by using accessories starting with the black and white dust ruffle (a gift from my sister, as her daughter was no longer using it).
I already had the white matelasse bedspread and white dust ruffle.
I already had the white lamp and black shade.
Total cost for dust ruffle, lamp and shade $0.00

The framed bird plates in Sarah's room were purchased at Pier 1 for about $5.00 a plate. Of course those plates were no longer available so my sister Maria and I found these white plates with laser cut edges. I bought 3. We found the green and white herringbone place mats at the same Pier 1. The black shadow boxes came from my local Michael's store and I framed them myself. Estimates to have my discount plates and mats framed at the same Michael's, Hobby Lobby and other professional framers was more than $280.00.
Total cost for 3 plates, 3 place mats and 3 shadowboxes $80.00.

I found the green and white duvet cover, green magazine holder and pillows
on clearance at Z Gallerie.
I already had the white shams.
Total cost for duvet cover and decorative pillows $150.00.

My sweet mother-in-law Catherine embroidered this in 1970. I thought the green color fit in beautifully and serves as a reminder of this precious Jesus girl. Catherine would be 100 years old this year if she weren't already dancing with Jesus. Miss that girl!

This pillow sham was handmade by my Gia GIa (my Greek grandmother).
I'm not sure what you call the talent of hand embroidering the initial and cutting out pieces around the stitches, but she did a beautiful job.
Notice the letter "E"in the center? Her name was Elene (E len' e). It 's perfect for Elmore too.
I think she did this in the 1930's.

This is the Duncan Phyfe table I scooped up in an antique store in Calabash, NC this winter.
The top has a few blemishes, but who doesn't? Besides, if you place your accessories correctly, no one will ever notice those imperfections.
The little white pedestal plate with black ribbon was purchased at Marshall's Home Goods.
Total cost for table $80.00
Total cost for white pedestal plate $5.00

So far my makeover has cost $315.00

I wonder how much Sarah spent, not counting the construction she did to create a guest room out of a yucky basement.
Here's the episode of Sarah's Guest Suite.

Be Inspired!

Hi my lovelies... I've been collecting inspiring images lately, and here are a few that are inspiring me today.

The little pop of pink in this beautiful chair just makes me happy.

Love, love, LOVE the monogramming touches.

Everything Sarah Richardson designs is fabulous in my book.

I used this pictures as my inspiration for our guest room. I'll post the pictures of my room a bit later. Keep watching to see.

Monograms!!! I tried to have our monogram added to our new Dining Room chairs, Restoration Hardware didn't offer this option. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can add this feature to my already upholstered chairs? And no, I can't afford to reupholster the backs.
I think I'd add the monogram to the backs instead of the fronts.

How I wish my kitchen was large enough to include a pretty, shiny and sparkly chandelier like this one.

Love the pink painted back wall of this grey cabinet. I also love how these shelves were dressed.

I think the blue paint on the back wall of this white cabinet is a great way to update an antique.
Hmmm... this gives me a great idea. Stay tuned... maybe I can talk Tom into letting me try this with an inherited piece.

What a great way to add a little "Bling" to any room.
Okay, I want to try this with a pair of my older, really loved pumps. Wonder what adhesive they used to make these wearable?

I hope you're inspired to be creative. Let me know what is inspiring you today.


Blogger Terri Sass said...

Talk to the owner of Monogram Magic in Mint Hill. She is a good friend of my mother's and she has gone out of business in her store front to save on rent but working on her home. She may have ideas for your chairs. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you pictures of inspiration....I want my house to look just like this rooms!!! xos

Anonymous BethA said...

Good morning, Zoe! I knew I liked you from the first time I read one of your posts. I've enjoyed the photos you've been posting, and when you mentioned Sarah Richardson, I realized we are kindred spirits (and not just because we're Christians)! Aren't her designs great?!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your photos. Where do you find all these great images? I look forward to what you are posting each day. It is just a pleasure to look at. I wish I could make my surroundings as beautiful.


Blogger Joyful said...

LOVE your room makeover!!!! GORGEOUS!!! And...it's your guest room? I wanna come be your guest! :-) What a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary. I KNOW I could feel better quicker there!

Love and hugs to you,
PS. Don't let Diane see this...my remake of her room wasn't this nice...but I tried. :-)

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