Happy Thursday my lovelies,
Here is the latest edition of
Styling with Gwen (who won't let anyone take her picture)
at our Habitat ReStore.
Once again our little team had a blast
putting these rooms together.

This is the AFTER of the Reading Room.

Here is the mauve bookcase from the front room.
It was moved into the Blue Room
We styled it with white dishes
made a mini desk with the pull down.

This is the BEFORE of the Left side of the Blue Room
(This room won't be dark blue much longer)

This is the AFTER of the same space

This is the BEFORE of the Right Side of the Blue Room

This is the AFTER of the same space.

That's it for styling in February.
Stay tuned for newly painted rooms.
Now, my lovelies what do you already have in your possession
you can use to bless someone else?
I can't wait to hear from you.


Blogger Jennifer Dougan said...

Hello Zoe,

That's nice that you and Gwen can serve together at the ReStore site, and have fun doing so.

Jennifer Dougan

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