Birthday Chariot Ride

Hey Friends,
I wanted you to see the royal treatment I received from
two of the amazing women from Spring Branch Community Church.
Before we left for the airport Cheri asked if I'd like to take a ride in a Chariot.
Of course I said yes and jumped in this beautiful
Birthday Chariot.
Thanks to Lynn and Cheri for giving my a ride fit for any princess. I only wish I had been wearing my tiara.
Don't tell anyone, but my chariot is really the dirty linen basket from Housekeeping.
I say one woman's dirty laundry basket is another woman's chariot!
It's all about attitude girls
As soon as I receive the other pictures from the retreat I'll post some for you.

The Lord really did bless our time together and I'm grateful to have been with each of you Spring Branch sisters.


Blogger Akinogal said...

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Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! Looks like you had a ride in style. This is birthday month for our family. My oldest son turned 17 on March 13th and my husband's birthday was yesterday the 16th.

I thought of you this past Friday as we stopped by the P31 office on our drive home from Florida to PA.

Blogger Jenny said...
Blogger Renee Swope said...

You are a mess. You crack me up. I want to go speaking with you sometime. We'd have so much fun riding in dirty linen baskets and leaping off stages.

Happy Late Birthday my sparkly friend!!!

Love you!

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Hope you have a blessed Easter season.

Sweet blessings,

Blogger Holly said...

Zoe! The chariot ride is sooo funny! thanks for the smile! You are way cool my friend!

Blogger Micca said...

I loved this post! Who else would ride around in a chart on her birthday but our Zoe, girl!

I just love you!

Blogger Micca said...

oops, I meant cart not chart. That's typical of me!

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