In Chicago
Greetings Friends from the cold north,
I'm in Chicago with my beloved Tom.
He is attending the annual meeting of the American College of Health Care Executives and each year I get to tag along.
He has just completed three years as the NC Regent and this is the last time we will be invited to attend the formal festivities unless his is voted in as Govenor later this year.

I'm standing in a very busy ballroom at a counter with 500 busy executives all checking e-mail.
They must think I'm loony to take up "their space' just to tough base with my friends while they conduct their day to day business deals. HA!

Today is the last full day here as we return to Charlotte tomorrow evening and Tom is treating me to an afternoon at the brand new Spa in our hotel as a belated birthday gift.
An afternoon of pampering, rubbing and scrubbing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I can feel the knots in my back loosening up as I type.

I can't wait to get the pictures from the black tie event on Saturday evening. Tom was so handsome in his tuxedo; as soon as they arrive in May I'll post them for you.

I'll also post the pictures from my last two speaking events as soon as those arrive.

It's been a busy two weeks and the Lord has provided speaking events for every weekend in April. Only HE could know that our son would be training for his commercial pilot's license in March at $300.00 per session and three session s a week when I was booked for these events many months ago.

HE never ceases to amaze me in providing what we need before we need it.

I'd love to hear your stories of HIS provision in your life.


Blogger Charlene Kidd said...

I hope your spa time was spectacular. You most certainly deserve it.
Have a blessed day,

Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, I love hearing God stories of His provision. I have many I could share, but I'll choose just one.

To try and write it as concisely as possible: I had heard of a need for an orphan home for children left abandoned by HIV aids. I began to pray that God would provide the exact amount needed - and that if He chose to channel some of the funds through me, I would give 100% to the organization to build this home. I had heard about this need in November and the staff from this organization who were flying over to Africa were leaving mid February. About 10 days before the team was to leave on their trip, my family and I were having dinner. The doorbell rang. An older couple were standing at our door asking if they could come in. To put it quickly, this couple had received a large amount of money and were told they could do anything with it, except give it to the Lord. (The gift of money had come from a non-Christian who feared this couple would just give it all to the church, so this stipulation was included.) This couple divided up the amount and were delivering cheques to different people that the Lord had placed on their hearts. The cheque was written to me (interestingly enough, not to my husband and I, just to me), in the exact amount that was needed for the orphan home. Without going into any further detail and making this comment any longer, I signed the cheque over to the organization leaving in just 10 days and the orphan home was built. They wanted to receipt me for the donation, but I didn't want a receipt - this money had come from God and I was just an available channel.

Well, just one of many, many stories of God providing in my life. There is NOTHING that God can't do!!!!

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

Great story in your comment, miss joyful!

Zoe, God provided me a fabulous girlfreind you loves perfume, spas, and bling as much as I do. Any ideas who that is?

Hugs ~ Rachel

Blogger Zoe said...

Thanks for the comments friends,
Miss joyful your story is so precious and encouraging for all who read it.
I'm convinced the stories we are willing to share are the very ones someone else needs to read in order to reamin "strong in the Lord" as they await HIS provision in their lives.
I'm so blesssed to have each of you as friends and sisters in the Lord.
Keep sharing and blessing my sistas!
Spa hugs to you Rachel,

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