Clean House Challenge Cont'd
Okay sweet friends,
I'm being true to my word...
I donated 6 bags of clothing and shoes to The Am Vets Charity today.
How about you? How is your de-cluttering going?

I can't wait to hear an update


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Good for you! Yeah, did you get a receipt for taxes?
I want to know, does cleaning the mental house count? If so then I get credit for about an hour and a half's worth. tee hee.

Blogger Chef Diane said...

You are not going to believe the topic last night at my Chronic pain group. "Cleaning Out Clutter, To Ease the Pain". What a Riot! Ok, I get credit for another hour of mental house cleaning. lololololo

Wait a minute, why am I the only one posting?

Blogger JottinMama said...

I've got 2 huge boxes of stuff cleaned out already. I'm giving some to one of my friends, trying to sell some in a yard sale, and the rest of it will be donated :) I've been on a spring cleaning spree - getting all of the clutter out has been so refreshing. Thanks for the challenge!

Kate :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you consider me the Am Veterans charity? :-)
Love you friend!

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

OK, got sidetracked. I am pouring myself into my book project. But it is a bit like running in mud. I spent all day and got only THREE PARAGRAPHS written!!! Maybe today I will be more productive. We have a neighborhood dumpster that is parked nearby for two days out of the year. Incentive to purge. It's coming in two weeks.

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