Home Again

Hi Friends,

We're home again after traveling 1300 miles and spending 16 hours in the car over 4 days.
 It was a wonderful trip indeed and we had the opportunity to meet Kelsey's 2 families, a lot of her friends, attend a bridal shower and get some wedding details taken care of. 

The first few pictures are with Debbie mom (Kelsey's biological mom) and family. 

This last picture is with Kelsey's adoption parents Cathy and Charlie.

Tom and I feel so privileged to be partnering with these extraordinary families. 
Kelsey and her families have an incredible story to tell and I hope to share some of God's handiwork in the coming weeks.

What a BLAST!!!!
Now I'm off to unpack, do laundry, shower and slide between clean sheets.
Nighty Night friends,


Blogger Joyful said...

Glad all went well and thanks for sharing your pictures.

Hope you have a wonderful rest tonight. Don't you enjoy being home in your own bed!


Blogger Renee Swope said...

Just stopped by to give you a hug and say hi! Love you!


PS. I am so glad your trip and your visits went so well!!

Blogger Chef Diane said...


Glad to see and hear all went well. glad the GSP or Map Quest didn't take you too off course. :-)
The pictures are great, they make a cute couple.

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