10 days...the final countdown begins
Ten days and counting... are you kidding me?
I think I've made a hundred lists and they are all over my house, yet nothing is packed.
I honestly don't know how the bride and mother of the bride get it all done.
Wait... I was a bride and somehow my mom and I did get it all done. Whew!
That's relief it can be done!

Okay, so my plate isn't even half as full as Kelsey and her family but today I'm feeling a wee bit stressed. I've yet to pack one item for our trip out of town tomorrow and it's a formal event.
I'm prepared and ready to speak to the awesome ladies in Indiana this weekend but have to unpack and re-pack my bags as soon as we return Friday afternoon to fly out early evening.
I don't even want to think about next week...

And have I mentioned that Josh and I haven't even practiced the Mother-Son dance for even one second. Hello... what are we waiting for and can we really pull this off?
Oh my goodness, can you tell I'm more than a wee bit stressed?
I'd best get ahold of myself and take a deep breath.
I know all this may sound silly and frivolous but it's where I am and I promised to be real with you.
Okay enough realness for today friends.
I'm leaving work early to take a friend to lunch, then off to a Dr's appointment and then to meet a contractor who is giving us a bid on some work that has to be done.
If the Lord places me on your heart I'd really appreciate your prayers.
I want to be a shining light for these ladies this weekend.


Blogger Kim said...

I can "hear" the stress in your writing--saying a prayer for the Lord to calm you and give you the words that HE wants to be said...AND...to find the time to "practice" your mother-son dance with Josh too!!


Blogger Oh Dear said...

I recall my mom giving me "a list" every weekend when I came home from school to prepare for our wedding. As I was driving with the window down, the wind whipped the list around and I chose to look the other direction and allow the list to fly (yes, I confess I litered.) I knew what was on it and it got done what when the list was done, I would SMILE!
This wedding will be fabulous!!!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Heavenly Father I lift Zoe and her entire family up to you today. The uniting of families is a beautiful and wonderful time. The preparations and planning will soon be done as the special day arrives. Lord, calm Zoe’s spirit and heart so that she can take it all in. Allow her to minster to the ladies in Indiana with the message that you need to use her for. You care about the smallest detail of our lives, even down to the dance with her son. Allow there to be grace and wisdom in all that is said and down with this holy union. Let each person who bares witness to this event see the grace of your Holy Spirit. Lord, bless the union of Josh and Kelsey, in your name we pray. Amen.

Zoe, my friend, enjoy every minute and just take every breath of love as it comes. I am so happy for you, it sounds like the start of a wonderful addition to your family.
See you on the other side,
Love ya,

Blogger Joyful said...

My sweet friend...take a deep breath. I know you must have a lot to do, but please don't let the doing take away from these treasured last few days before the wedding. Try to enjoy. I know my head would be spinning too...but try to fight the tyranny of the urgent...it distorts your priorities. Praying the Lord will fill you with a peace that passes understanding. Asking Him to guide your moments and your days, so that you will be able to accomplish all that He desires. It will be wonderful Zoe.

Hugs & prayers,

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