5 Days and Counting
Greetings to all my new friends in Indiana,
Each of you was such a blessing to me this weekend and I so enjoyed our time together.
As soon as I receive your pictures, I'll post them here. So... send them on to me.

We are now just 5 days away from the wedding. Wow!!
While I was away speaking this weekend. Tom as well as Josh and Kelsey's small group moved all their things into their new apartment. Kelsey spend her first night there Friday night and since Josh has moved all of his things from our house, he's bunking in our guest room.
It was a strange sight to see his empty bedroom in our house last night when I returned home. The only thing left in his room was a Darth Vader Helmet sitting in the middle of the floor.

We've enjoyed having Josh at home with us these last few months, and the Lord really blessed our time with him. I'm so grateful to the Lord for both our sons and we are especially thankful for Josh's godly maturity as he enters marriage.
Thanks for all your prayers, I appreciate them as I now have another cold and my head is stopped up and I can hardly breathe. Won't I be a pretty sight at the wedding?


Blogger Oh Dear said...

I can't imagine the emotions that go along with this ride. When my sister moved out of her house to be married I stuff all kinds of junk her in chest of drawers. We shared a room and it was the prefect time to get rid of some stuff-you know! One of those things was a HORRIBLE school picture of me. I had thrown the proof in the garbage but mamma found it well, I was stuff with the things. My sister and I had shared a room since I was 3 yrs old so needless to say, I was one lonely teen. When I went to visit my sister in her new home, she had framed that horrible picture. The move was also hard for her (although I did not know that) and she laughed to find the junk hidden along with the picture. After all those years of fighting, I knew she loved me too. With all that being said, you can have some fun with Darth Vador!

Blogger Joyful said...

Oh Zoe...your heart must be full of so many thoughts, emotions, last minute needs, memories...and your poor head is full too...with a cold. Praying you'll be feeling better soon. Do you by any chance gargle/rinse with Listerine? I got that tip at my hairdressers and now use it twice a day after I brush my teeth. Not only is it great for helping teeth by working on plaque, tartar etc...but it kills germs. I've been cold free since January 1st of this year when I began using it.

Sending hugs your way. Was praying for you this morning and put a link to your blog on my blog post. Love ya,

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