11 Days and what I will NOT be wearing
Hey friends,
We are just 11 from the wedding and I wanted to share something I will NOT be wearing to the festivities.
Look closely at her rear bumper
I thought this was hilarious and wanted to give you a laugh.
Have a Nice Day!!


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe's that's too funny! You're hilarious!!!!

Remailed a certain parcel today, but I'll e-mail you with the details.

Hope you're having a great day!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like her backend is "smiling"!!! ha, ha, ha

Anonymous marj said...

Zoe you are so, so real!!
That is what I've always loved about you. I know whatever you wear will be absolutely elegant & beautiful.
Words to offer the kids: let Christ always be in the center of their relationship & He will take care of the rest. Love & congratulations,

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

Bet she wondered why every where she went everyone seemed extra happy and smiley today!

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