A Mother's Love
I recently met a young woman who shared her story of going to great lengths
to save her son from a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol.

Although her son was rebellious and ran from the family that was trying to help him,
his mother never gave up in the pursuit of her son.

What lengths would you or have you gone to in pursuit of a beloved child?
Please share your thoughts.


Blogger SheriYates said...

Good thoughts...what lengths our Father went through to save us - What an intimate love! I hope that I would choose to pour out love to those I love and my enemies - like HE did for us!

Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, can I be honest and say this is a hard question for me to answer tonight.

Until recently I would have imagined myself doing just about anything to pursue a wayward child. But, when imagine becomes reality in a family and circumstances become unsafe, there may be a point where the loving thing is to let them go. Let them go physically from your home, but still storm heaven in your heart.

Tears are filling my eyes. Should our family be doing more? Safety is such an issue. Are we more concerned for our safety than his soul? We have all felt the Lord calling us to let go. I am not referring to a drug/alcohol situation. Evil has taken complete possession.

Seeking the Lord again. We're not giving up on him, but giving him to the Lord. Should our love be greater and our pursuit to greater lengths? I don't know...


Wow, what a question and one I guess it is well for me to ponder at this point in life. It might not seem much to others but to me having to TRUST the Lord to bridge the ocean and bring Noah home, and now waiting on the Lord to bring Jeremiah home. I was(and am) PETREFIED of flying, but I got on 3 planes there and 3 planes back to fly to Taiwan to get Noah when the adoption was complete. First time on a plane and I flew around the world! I spent a GREAT deal of the over 20 hours flying crying and praying! We had to fundraise all of the funds for Noah's adoption except for a couple grants and loans, now with Jeremiah we are having to fundraise EVERY penny short of a miracle because one grant place is gone and the 2 loans are not a possiblity this time. With my earthly eyes I look at this and it seems impossible. My baby boy seems to be getting worse and so needs therapy and medical care here and I feel like I would do ANYTHING, go to ANY LENGTHS to bring him home! No these things are not like fighting for a child who has gotten into drugs and such but to me it is a fight, just to get the baby to begin with. But oh how I love them and oh the joy I will have in return! :) Thanks for reminding me of what it was like with Noah and of all God did! and giving me renewed hope on the journey to Jeremiah!


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