Happy June friends,

Can you believe it, another month is out and we begin a new month today?
Whew! If time moves any faster, my face will surley suffer from wind burn.
So how was your long weekend? What fun and wonderful things did you get to do ?

We moved Josh and Kelsey into their first home in the pouring rain.

After 6 hours we were all drenched, dirty and exhausted, but their little nest was delivered, unpacked and ready for use.
While the end result was a great reward, the hard work and organization it took to empty the storage unit and fill their home with all of the things they owned did not happen over night.

Both Josh and Kelsey spent many days in preparation for this move, this move did not come about without great effort. I can only image how chaotic yesterday would have been without their hard work and preparation.

All of this brings me to our next topic:
Preparing for the big move

Perhaps the Lord is preparing you to move into a new life chapter as your children leave the nest.
Perhaps the Lord is asking you to "Move On" in a relationship.
Maybe the Lord is "Moving" you to a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever the case, your move will require preparation, dedication and determination.
So...how are you preparing for your next move?

Please encourage us with your journey.


Blogger KELLY WILLIE said...

God is preparing me for my journey by attending She Speaks! It has not been an easy road, I raised the money myself to attend, but I did it. I'm a long way from becoming a professional speaker or writer, but there is nothing that can prevent me from ministering to others about God and his love.

Thank you Zoe for all you do to speak to us through our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Blogger Joyful said...

Sometime the move is physical, like Josh and Kelsey moving to a new location. Other times God even calls us to make an emotional or mental move. Forgetting those things that are behind, God has called me to arise and depart (Micah 2:10) and not rest in the negative or be held prisoner of the past. I'm letting go of regrets, failures and mistakes. I'm leaving behind expectations, people pleasing and a closet full of masks. I'm looking ahead and moving on.

I love this song by Rascal Flatts about "moving on". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1bxlDAjGCo

Wherever God calls me to move, so thankful I move with Him,

Anonymous Lisa A said...

God is moving my husband and I in preparation of the mission field. We will be attending bible school for 9 months, and the scary part is possibly having to leave my job. I'm the primary income earner in our home, as my husband is starting a business and stays home with our kiddos. I'm trusting God to work out the details.

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