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Happy Friday everyone,

Thanks for stopping by today, especially after reading today's Proverbs 31 devotion.

Last fall our son graduated from Embry RIddle and completed the necessary flight requirements to obtain his license to fly planes. Of course we were thrilled as this has been Joseph's dream career since early childhood. Even before he graduated, Joseph was diligent in his search for a job, any job as a pilot.

As the Lord would have it, every job opportunity he applied for went to someone else and our son soon found himself out of time and money so he moved back home with mom and dad. It's interesting to say the least to have an adult child living at home.

After six months, Joseph has become discouraged and some days even defeated. He looks to us for wisdom and we would love nothing better than to bless him with generous helpings of job finding wisdom. But Tom and I know first hand that the answers our sons seeks are found in the ONE who possess all wisdom.

As his parents, we are praying that our son will see past his need for a job and will look to deepen his relationship with the ONE who is all wise and is busy behind the scenes working on his behalf to bring our son the perfect job at the perfect time.

Are you waiting for the Lord to reveal His perfect plan in your life or in the life of someone you love?

What words of wisdom and encouragement can you share with us?


Blogger Zoe said...

Evalyn, I was publishing your wonderful post, and it disappeared. PLEASE resend it. I want everyone to read your encouraging news of a new job.

Blogger KELLY WILLIE said...

Zoe, thank you so much for the reminder to trust in our God through the waiting. As I've express before, my husband has been unemployed for over a year and in the midst of everything happening around us, loss of material items, cars, and other circumstances that are currently out of our control, it can get very discouraging and at times we do feel left out and forgotten.
But then I look around and see all we do have and how fortunate we are and we have grown closer as a couple. I know this is for a reason and I know every day we get closer to getting our financial situation straightened out. I also know I've asked for prayers and I believe they are being answered (slow, but answered!) Thak you again Zoe! You are my mentor!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Zoe,
I would like to encourage you and your family today. I had the same
concerns with my youngest son, Aaron. He is a christian and during his teen years I was able to see him in settings where he
worshipped the Lord in such a wonderful way. As he went to college his relationship with the Lord slowly began to fade. He then moved to Florida to go to law school. In May 2009 he graduated
from law school and took the bar exam in August. And he passed!!!
During this time he moved back home. We left his furniture in storage in Florida. During law school I was always encouraging him to find him a church. He would go sometimes. I continued to tell him that He could not just put God on hold for three years. After he had moved back home there was a lot of stress about him finding a job. I was faithfully praying for God to provide him with a good job. One Sunday in October, I was sitting in my Bible Study class and God spoke to me "Pray for your
sons eternal, not their material needs." I began to do this. In January 2010, after interview process, Aaron was offered a job in Tampa, Florida with a small law firm. Several times when he was discouraged with the whole job search he and his dad had made two attempts to go get his furniture and bring it home to Tennessee. I had told them that I had felt we were not suppose to do this. I continued to feel that he was suppose to be in Florida. After he moved back to Florida, his first Sunday he called and told me that he had attended church. Since this time in February 2010, the LORD has really began to work in his life. He now says that God took hime to Florida what he thought was a job - but it was for so much more. He has fallen back in love with God. We have had some awesome talks in the last few months and
the whole time I am just praising the Lord for his anwered prayers.
My sons whole outlook on what he wants out of life has changed. It is now longer about material it is all about what God wants for his life. Hang in there with your son, keep praying, because our God is faihtful.

Blogger Crystal said...

Thank you for the reminder that being near to God is more important than anything else. My oldest child is 19, and she had a foray into a cult last summer - they led her to believe they were just another Christian denomination. The book "Divine Prayers for Despairing Parents" was so helpful to me. Happily, she realized what she had joined and was able to get out and rededicate her life to the One True God. This summer she is switching colleges - and we can only pray that she has heard the voice of God and is following Him and His desires for her life.

I pray this for me, too! In these challenging economic times, we struggle with family finances. My husband used to be able to support us modestly, but these last few years I have been forced to work just to make ends meet. I currently juggle four part-time jobs. As my family suffers and my own health at times suffers, I really wonder if I am doing what God wants from me. Should I keep a more realistic schedule and depend more on Him to supply our needs? I don't know! If you think of it, please pray for me and my family. I hope your son draws near to God AND gets a job soon - and then praises the One who supplied it. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Has your son gotten a hold of Lifeway Ministies? They have a travel plane company for vaction/something. Try there wedsite under careers. Thia is just an idea maybe.
I hope it helps him and you. Thanks.

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