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Hey there sweetest friends,

Thank you so much for the encouraging words on my last post.

We have literally just hung up the phone with our son Joseph and the Lord has opened the door for a job flying planes towing banners at the beach in Ocean City Maryland. He leaves in a few days.

We are thrilled and dancing in every chair in this house as we Praise God for this blessing. Both Tom and I thrilled beyond words at God's goodness to our son and find great comfort that the Lord will also use this opportunity to grow our son's faith.
I can't wait to share all the lessons we are learning during this process.

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement as we await God's next blessing.

Here's something my sweet friend Joy shared with me earlier this week.

A day is coming when Jesus will bestow His rewards. On that day some people may wonder how you came to merit a certain reward, since they have never heard of you. But remember, He makes no mistakes."

"Just where you stand in the conflict,
There is your place.
Just where you think you are useless,
Hide not your face.
God placed you there for a purpose,
Whate'er it be;
Think He has chosen you for it;
Work loyally.
Put on your armor! Be faithful
At toil or rest!
Whate'er it be, never doubting
God's way is best.
Out in the fight or on lookout,
Stand firm and true;
This is the work that your Master
Gives you to do"

"...wherever God has placed us, and in every detail of our daily lives, He has ordained the land we are to possess to its very borders and has ordained the victory to be won."


Blogger Joyful said...

Sweet friend...I'm so glad the Lord used the devotional I shared with you to minister to your heart.

Thanks for the e-mail tonight. Love ya and will continue to pray.


Blogger Kim said...

What an amazing answer to prayer...and what an amazing God we serve! Zoe, that is great news!!! I really wish I could have been there to see you and Tom dancing around in all the chairs. That would have made my day :)
I hope you are having THE BEST vacation and resting alot!

Blogger Wander said...

YAY!!! God is good! Happy dance is appropriate!
It feels good to see our kids soar, huh?
(No pun intended) hehe

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