Define Born Again
Hi friends, and Happy Monday,

Often when I'm speaking, I'm asked to define the term "Born Again".
I just ran across Rick Warrens' definition and it's short and sweet.

What's Born Again?
Admission of need, Submission to God, Remission of sin & guilt, Transmission of life, Commission for service.

What's your definition of Born Again?

I hope you'll stop by often, some of my sweet She Speaks friends are going to be guest posting during the month of September and I have a few give aways to go along with that.


Blogger Stephanie Garneau said...

Hey Zoe! To me, being born again is about realizing we died a long time ago. As believers we are buried with Christ and raised to walk in the newness of life. We are redeemed and transformed! Praise God! :)

Blogger Wander said...

I like the words Mark Hall uses in his song to describe it.

Feels like I'm born again....
Feels like I'm living...
for the very first time..
I'm living for the first time
in my life!

It's becoming new IN CHRIST!

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