The Day After

Hey there sweetest friends,
Happy Monday to you all.
A special Hello to all the ladies who attended this year's Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference.
Can I just say that through the hard work and sacrificial service of 80+ people, the Lord showed up and showed off HIS glorious splendor in a mighty way?

For those of you unable to attend, I hope to share some pictures of the conference very soon.
If you have pictures of the conference and would like to share them with me, I'd love to post them here.

For me the day after the conference is always such a bitter sweet time as we say goodbye to our news friends and move on the God's next steps for our lives so...
I've asked the incredible ladies in my speaker evaluation group to consider doing at least one guest host post here on my blog.
Each woman has a powerful story to tell and I don't want my bloggy friends to miss out on what God has done and IS doing in their lives.

If you have any topics you'd like to discuss here on my blog, please let me know and I'll get to work on that.
In the meantime, my sweet sister and her two children are on their way to our house this very minute from Dallas, Texas. We will miss having her wonderful husband Brandon join us for this trip, but I expect our time together to be fun and full of laughter!!!!!!!
I just heart my sister and her family.

I'll close for now, the bathrooms still need a good scrubbing and I need to put on my tiara before I tackle that.
You did know I wear a tiara while cleaning house didn't you?
Do you know WHY I wear a tiara while cleaning?

Maybe a gift bag of goodies give away will get you to leave a post.
Put on those thinking caps, tell all your friends and leave as many DIFFERENT posts as you like.
Leave a post and be entered for a drawing very soon.


Blogger Krissy Buck said...


Thank you for your positive attitude and your love of Christ. I have recently renewed my relationship with God and find you and Lysa very inspirational.


Blogger babsh said...

Because you are a princess...a daughter of the King of Kings!!

Anonymous Chrystie said...

Zoe - a tiara while you are cleaning??? I do need to hear this story. You are such an amazing blessing and you impacted my life this weekend in such a sweet way. Thank you!!!! I am looking forward to going a guest post for you soon! Enjoy your time with friends and family! ~ Chrystie

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! "Tiarra" I think is because we are Princesses of the throne!!!

I feel certain that you wear the tiara, since you are the daughter of a King, just like me!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

I know why Zoe. "Your the Queen of the Bowl." HAHAHAHAH.
Love you friend I will send you pics soon from the weekend.
Hope you wear the evening gloves to go with it.
Enjoy your sister.
Diane and Joy
FYI we found our way

Blogger Tammy said...

Well Zoe, I have given this a bit of thought. First of all, cleaning is not really fun. So wearing a tiara would add a bit of fun to the cleaning and you could pretend to have a magic wand that would just magically clean those toilets or whatever. Tiaras would be like the queen of clean...I am sure this is probably not why you wear it...but I am pretty sure the caffenine from my tea has reached my mind and made it fuzzy.

enjoy your sister.


It was such an awesome blessing to be in your speaker evaluation group this year! Thank you so much for your encouragement and leadership. I'm looking forward to learning more about the awesome gals in our group i the weeks to come! Thank you for doing this. Be blessed, Sister, and a tiara while you clean....what?! :)

In Christ,

Blogger Wander said...

I's to show those potties WHO'S the boss/princess!

Afterall, you are the daughter of the King!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Jesus is King of Kings and He came to earth to serve, as a Daughter of the King we are called to do the same thing. As Jesus washed the disciples' feet, which was considered a "lowly" job back then, we are called to serve others in doing what many consider "lowly" jobs such as scrubbing toilets. Plus, I bet wearing the tiara it makes the job all the more fun! :)


Blogger Kim said...

Didn't attend She Speaks, but am a follower of the Proverbs 31 ladies and I just love you all. You are such an encouragement and inspiration!
Would love to hear the tiara story

Blogger Karen said...

Because you are cleaning unto HIM!!!!

Thank you for your post today. I have struggled with worth all my life. However, the KING of KINGS comes to me and says" get up from underneath the table and eat the banquet!"

Anonymous Lisa Evola said...

Is it to remind you that everything that you do, even the mundane things of life, are to been done with grace and reverence as though it is the most important task in your life.... as though you are doing it for Jesus himself, who is your King? Seems to me I read a devotion recently along that line....was it you??

Blogger Mary said...

I can't wait to hear the tiara story :-)

Blogger Kelly said...

You wear the tiara to remind yourself you are a princess of the most High God!

Blogger imoomie said...

Well, I was going to say because you are a daughter of the king, sooo, my next answer is, you wear a tiara so that you are reminded of your value to God and His exceptance of you as you go about everyday life??

Anonymous Joy S. said...

Do you wear a crown to remind yourself of the truth of the verse on your blog, that you are "Called by a new name... A crown of splendor in teh Lord's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God." ?

Joy S.

Blogger fahnmamma said...

Wearing a tiara to clean....ummm...because you are the Queen of Clean.....and those nasty bathrooms had better not forget it!!!

On a more serious note, the Prov. 31 devotionals have been challenging me for some time now. I look forward to opening the email each morning before I start my day. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous Bel Skoc said...

Hi, Zoe!
I just read your IF ONLY on Proverbs 31 and thought I'd see your blog!
Why you wear the tiara? Because even the lowliest of jobs are held in highest esteem by God.

Anonymous Robin Markham said...


What a blessing to read this blog - just what I needed!

I would have to say that you wear a tiara while cleaning the bathrooms as a reminder that you are now, and will always be, royalty! A vivid reminder that even while we may be involved in some yucky, dirty work, feeling pretty ordinary (or less than), we are Daughter's of the King Most High! And as such, we should be thankful for our 'heritage' and the hope we have in Christ.

Not sure if this is the reason that you wear it, however, this is what spoke to me and what I need to remember. I think the purchase of a tiara is in my near future.


Blogger GrammaGrits said...

Come to the great NW! You must now tell the tiara story, please.

Blogger Shelly said...

Hey Zoe! It was a joy to meet you at She Speaks! I do have some pics from the conference. Please let me know how I can get those to you so you can post them if you'd like.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to make She Speaks a success! It was AWESOME! God showed up in mighty ways!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it be because you are the Queen of Clean?! Enjoyed your blog. You and I share a last name (both by marriage), wonder if there is any relation? Can't wait to hear the tiara story!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it be because you are the Queen of Clean?! You and I share a last name by marriage, wonder if there is any relation. Can't wait to hear the tiara story. Enjoyed your blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wear a tiara because when you clean, while others may not notice your toil, He does. He sees... even when we're cleaning toilets. He sees, he notices, and he honors even our mundane tasks. We're not invisible after all... because we are heirs! We have a rich inheritance, indeed!


Blogger Christina said...

I think a tiarra is the perfect item to wear when cleaning the bathroom. Especially when accompanied by a toilet brush scepter.

Seems to me that we are all called to be royal servants. A child of the King meant to serve others in His name.

Blogger pkrains said...

Love your name! What does it mean? Were you named after someone?

The P31 post today was just what I needed to hear!

Thanks so much for your words of enCOURAGEment!


Anonymous Kirsten said...

My sister was just visiting from Houston! I love having family visit. And I am a tiara toting gal too! I will always want to be a princess when I grow up haha

Anonymous Olivia said...

As a reminder that you are a new creation in Christ, even while cleaning toilets? :)

Blogger KELLY W said...

You wear a tiara because you are a child of the King, Jesus Christ! (P.S. So am I)!!

Blogger KELLY W said...

Could it be Isiah 62:2-3 You shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord will name. You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.
Your blog page says it all! You deserve the tiara, sweet sister!!

Anonymous Mallory said...

Nona, it's simple! A tiara is SPARKLY! Knowing you is also knowing that to you sparkles are an essential to any activity, and when cleaning toilets or anything else really the safest place to keep your sparkles is atop your head. Of course, you are also a princess and that is something that should never be overlooked! Much love!


Anonymous michelle hawkins said...

Tiara while cleaning? hmm.. maybe you need to feel alittle more like Cinderella? She had to clean for the terriable people in her life, but underneath all the dirt and grime, she had a greater purpose! To be a princess of all the land.... and this would relate to our lives as if we were all Cinderellas, we have been beaten up and torn down by the closest ones to us, but then our prince charming, JESUS CHRIST came in and swept us off our feet and we are now placed in our "palace of ministry" and have found our true Princess within... NOT EVEN CLOSE RIGHT??? lol... I tried... May your day end in smiles my new friend!
Michelle Hawkins

Blogger Kimberly said...


I'm still feeling the afterglow of She Speaks! It was of course the most awesome weekend I've had in a very long time. Thank you ladies for such a fabulous time. Ya'll just out did yourselves. I felt truly honored to be in your speaker's group and the invite to be a guest on your blog.

Here is a link to my blog post about the event including pictures.

I look forward to guest posting one day in the near future.

Love you sweet sister in Christ!


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