Pre-Conference Call Summary
Happy Friday Friends,

Thanks for your patience in me posting this. Tom and I left for a business trip just a few short hours after our
Pre-Conference call and we return in a few days.

Again, I want to thank you for joining us for the call and for the grace extended to us as we persevered through technical difficulties.

Here's the information to download the call.

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July 13, 2010 09:00 PM

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50 Minutes, 56 Seconds

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August 12, 2010 10:56 PM


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Here is Micca Campbell's hand out with the blanks filled in.

She Speaks ‘Preparing Your Talks’ Conference Call

With Micca Campbell;

What’s expected of me?

Friday night, you will give a 3-minute talk based on your story or testimony.

Saturday night, you will give a 5-minute teaching talk from a verse(s) of the Bible.

These talks will be evaluated by your leader and group participants. Groups are made up of 10-12 speakers based on experience.

How do I prepare my talks?

Determine your main idea. Ask yourself what’s the one thing I want my audience to know?

Once you have that, you build everything else around it. This is called the discovery process.

What does the bible say about this topic

Who in scripture has faced this situation

What did they do or didn’t do about it

What did they learn or didn’t learn

Develop Your Outline: The 5-section method Me, We, God, You, We

Me/Introduction: Open my talk by sharing a story or struggle about myself. I might say, “I struggle with submission in my marriage.” Then, proceed to share my story.

(For a short talk, open with a statistic, quote, or joke, on the topic)

You/Identification: Here is where I identify with the audience by saying something like: “I bet you struggle with submission in your marriage too.”

Note: You want to stay in this section until you build enough tension that your audience has to know the solution. But don’t give the solution away!

God/Illumination: Here is where we turn to God’s Word for the solution. I might say, “God must have known we would struggle in this area because His Word has a lot to say about submission.”

You/Application: Here is where you use your points and tell/show your audience how to apply the information to their lives.

We/Inspiration: In the last section, you rejoin the audience by sharing a story or vision of what their life would look like if they made the necessary adjustments. I might say, “If you and I were to buy into what God says about submission, we would experience a happier, healthier marriage.”

Here's Shari Braendel's Presentation for you:

Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s of What to Wear when Speaking


  • Wear COLORS that makes you shine!
  • Sharp Haircut: Have you had a compliment on your hair lately?
  • Wear nice makeup with shades that compliment your natural coloring.
  • Basic manicure and good hygiene are important.
  • Wear a good fitting bra.
  • Proper undergarments are a must.
  • Wear clothes that reflect your style, are up-to-date, and fit well.
  • Fabrics should be lightweight, comfortable, year round fabric.
  • Follow the 16 point accessory rule.
  • Make sure your shoes and bag are in good shape.


  • Don’t wear black or wild prints of any color.
  • Don’t wear crazy, trendy, outlandish hairstyles or hair color. On the same note, be sure your hair isn’t outdated and old fashioned either.
  • No makeup is a no-no. Bold makeup is also a no-no.
  • No chipped polish or loud perfume.
  • No headlights please!
  • No fluffiness showing thru.
  • No too-big or too-tight clothes.
  • No sleeveless outfits, and no bulky or sheer fabrics.
  • No baby-size or gigantic accessories.
  • No old, unpolished shoes or bags with loose threads. Check to make sure your heels and toes are in good shape.

Recommended Book: Good Girls don’t have to Dress Bad

(Full-Color Style Guide for Christian women)

by Shari Braendel (Zondervan July 2010 release)

Get your FREE On-line Color Analysis at

Here's a quick summery of the Three things a speaker should NEVER do:

(1) Never forget the focus of your talk.

Jesus is and should always be the focus and the star.

As speakers we are women God has called to be HIS vessel bringing HIS message to our guests.

A godly speaker will use their talk to bring honor and glory to JESUS.

Not themselves.

So… Keep Jesus the focus of your talk.

The second thing a speaker should NEVER do:

(2) Never make assumptions about your event. For instance:

Never assume you will really have the allotted amount of time to speak that you’ve planned for.

So be prepared for the unexpected.

NEVER ASSUME and always be prepared for the unexpected.

The third thing speaker should NEVER do:

(3) Never speak on an empty stomach.

Have a light snack of nuts or string cheese if you can’t eat a full meal.

A Speaker should ALWAYS

Be Prepared – Do the necessary work to prepare.

DON’T just wing it or make it up as you go.

Be Gracious – Especially when you’re asked to do the unexpected.

Be who you are! God has called you to speak and God wants to use your voice to bring Him Glory. Don’t fall into the trap of competition and comparison.

Enjoy your calling! God is giving you an amazing opportunity to serve Him through speaking.

A Few things to think about:

Pack a sweater, light jacket or pashmina wrap - The hotel can get quite chilly.

Bring a Light weight Tote bag.

The hotel has a Business Canter with computers and printers. You can bring your lap top if you like.

The hotel does charge a nominal fee for internet access.

Things to pray for:

Your time as you prepare your family, your home, your talks and your heart for the conference.

Your roommate

The Proverbs 31 staff and the hotel staff. There are thousands of details that need to be taken care of.

That's it girlfriends, Don't hesitate to post your questions here.

See you in 14 days. :-)


Blogger Julie Gillies said...

Wow, this really says it all, Zoe. Thanks for a wonderful, informative post!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the conference call and for posting this information on your blog. I do have a question. I'll be driving 5 hours on Fri. to get to the conference. I have limited professional clothing and don't want to mess up my clothes getting there. How inappropriate would it be to register in shorts then scoot right up to my room to change?

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