Last Minute Questions
Hey sweet friends,

Yes, the clock is ticking and the time for celebration is close at hand. We are just hours away from the 2010 She Speaks Conference.
Here are a few last minute Questions that are important for all of you in the speaker evaluation groups.

How will the order of the speakers within the evaluation group be chosen ? ie volunteer, alphabetically, draw numbers.
Each coordinator for speaker evaluation groups will choose one of the methods you listed for determining in what order you give your talks.

Will there be a timer that we can see so we will know if we need to speed up or cut some from our talks ?
Each coordinator for speaker evaluation groups will have a timer.
Each speaker will be given a one minute "notice" when she has one minute remaning in her allotted time for both the three minute and the five minunte presentations.

Please note:
The three minute and five minute time frames MUST be honored by each speaker.
When the timer goes off, your time is up and you MUST stop your talk.

I know what you're thinking... There is NO possible way I can trim my talk to fit the time contratints.
Trust me, if I can keep it sweet, short, simple and to the point in 3 minutes and five minutes.

Can't wait to see you all


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