Witness a Wedding

Happy Wednesday friends,

As I arrived at my office today there was a most beautiful couple waiting at the door. She was dressed in a lovely gray dress with many strings of glassy pearls and he was standing tall in a handsome blue suit. I unlocked the doors and escorted them to their counselor's office for what I thought was their "normal" appointment.

Within a few moments the counselor came to my desk and asked if I would witness a wedding.
Witness a wedding in a counseling office? "Okay."
Sure enough the beautiful couple who had been waiting at the door, was in fact getting married at this very moment and I was about to sign my name on an official document stating the fact that I had witnessed this holy union.

The couselor who is also an ordained minister stood before the beautiful couple asking them to repeat their vows and to pledge their love to one another. They did, exchanged rings and sealed this happy union with a kiss.
While the circumstances were unusual and unconventional to be sure, their love and devotion to one another was just as sweet and precious as you might imagine.

Wow, what a happy way to begin my work day. What about you friend, how has your day started?
Did you spend your morning getting anxious children off their first day of school?
Maybe you had to chase a run away pet through the neighborhood in your jammies, or maybe you woke up discouraged and burdened.
However your day has started out, I hope you will apply the verse in the scripture above to your day.
The Lord of all creation calls you "HIS" beloved bride. I hope you will take a moment to let that sink into your heart and mind. Allow His love for you to wash over you and remember that you are the most beloved bride of the most High King.


Blogger Kim said...

My day began sending Caleb off to his junior year of high school. But what made this day different for me? It was the first time in 16 years that I didn't have to take one of my children to school. It was sad...and happy all at the same time. As you know, time surely does fly.

Blogger Lindsey Feldpausch said...

That is definitely one fun way to start the day!

Blogger Wander said...

Wow. That was a sweet start to a day! God bless them!
We all know the real work is ahead for them.

Wow....what a beautiful way to start that day! I LOVE this! God is good in such fun, unexpected and beautiful ways!

Love, hugs and heart-bracelet-prayers,

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