Home Again!!!
Hi friends,

Thanks so much for all the encouragement these last few weeks. We have indeed moved back into "Smokey Joe's", I mean our house. LOL!!!

Tom just could not take one more day at the hotel so we moved home a few days ago.
Can I just say how great it is to be home? I had no idea how very much I missed our nest until we were forced to leave. Who knew living in a hotel would not be a glamorous experience?
Don't get me wrong, it was nice to be in a cool and clean place, but it just wasn't home.

Any who... we are home and the air scrubbers arrived yesterday. Yea!!!!!!
Within the next 5 days, my house should be smelling just like it did before the fire.
Does that mean my house will smell like roasted veggies and steak, since that's what my house smelled like before the fire. HA!!!

These air scrubbers are amazing. They are supposed to take in the smelly air and pump out fresh air. I don't know the mechanics behind it. but I'm sure the professionals would not use them if they did not work.

Here's my song of the week. Hope you enjoy it.


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