Labor Day
Hi friends,

Happy late Labor Day! I hope you had an opportunity to rest, relax and get some refreshment over the long weekend. Did you spend time with family and friends or did you just chill out with a good book or a movie? Maybe you hosted a cookout or perhaps you attended one.

Our day off was more exciting than we had anticipated, but it was still time away from the office.
Tom spent the morning mopping up a flooded garage as the water filter broke spewing water all over him in the process. He was thrilled to get soaked, mop the floor and to call a plumber on a holiday. NOT!!!
Hey, I think it was a great way to get the floor cleaned. HA!
Note to self... Next time this happens it would be helpful to plan my potty break at a more convenient time, like when the water is still turned on. Broken water filter and flooding causes all the water in the house gets turned off for hours. Enough said.

After the flood was cleaned up Tom and I went to Josh and Kelsey's house for some hole digging bulb and monkey grass planting and some mulching. I either love these kids to pieces or I'm delusional, cause yard work is NOT on my list of favorite things to do. HA!!!
You see, I don't much care for bugs or snakes or the other vermin I mean God's outdoor creatures. Thankfully, the Lord knows that and miraculously moved His outdoor creatures for the afternoon I only saw one spider.
I can hardly wait for all the bulbs to pop up in late winter and early spring.
Look what they will be watching for.

Anyway, that's how we spent our holiday. Now it's your turn to share.


Blogger Sarah said...

We had a great day of cleaning house and prepping kids to go back to school. We watched a couple of Veggie Tales and just spent some time together. We even actually started to add our fall decorations around the house.

Blogger Joyful said...

I spent my Labor Day dropping Chris off at University. A very bittersweet day. Mixture of joy and tears. Wanting to hold on, but having to let go. I posted an album with all the pics...the final hug was a hard one.

Labor Day was difficult, but two days later the Lord sent me the most precious gift to help me through this transition...I picked Diane up at the airport and she's here with me until a week today!!! What a treat. It's going to be hard to let her go in a week too, but we're going to enjoy every moment the Lord has allowed us to share together. Priceless.

Praying for you my friend. HUGS,

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