My House IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!
Hi Friends,
A million thanks for all the prayers and offers for lodging and food.
Yes, our house did experience a fire last night but can I just say that I believe with EVERY fiber of my being that Jesus set my house ablaze to save our lives. REALLY!

A plumber was installing a new outside faucet and in the process the interior wall of our garage caught fire and quickly spread to the ceiling.
Thank goodness I have big Greek nose and smelled wood burning one story above the fire.

Long story short, the Lord used my big Greek nose to lead me to the problem. The problem was the builder of our home 25 years ago laid an electrical line on top of a water line. When the plumber heated the faucet to attach it ot the ine, the line heated up burnt the electrical line and started the fire.

We are all fine and the clean up and restoration has begun.
Hopefully we will be back in our home within 2-3 weeks.

It's amazing how quickly smoke travels, because we have soot and smoke damage on all three floors of our house.
Thank you Jesus for saving us and our home from total destruction.

The fire chief said we would have not survived had we gone to bed and I ignored the Lord's leading to the garage. At first glance we thought the garage door motor was on fire, little did we know there were flames only inches from where we were standing.

On another note we cannot thank State Farm insurance enough for taking care of EVERY detail.
If you don't have State Farm for your homeowners insurance I would highly suggest you get them (This was an unpaid commercial from a REAL customer).

From what destruction has Jesus saved you?


Blogger Joyful said...

ZOE!!! Oh, thank You Lord for Your Spirit's promptings and for Zoe's obedience. Oh my sweet friend, I am so thankful you are ok. I just want to hug you and know you're really there!!!! (((HUGS)))

So glad everything is being taken care of and the Lord is providing for all your needs. I know I'm pretty far away and can't give any hands on help, but I'm praying for you.

Love ya and so thankful for God's care over you,

Blogger Wander said...

Oh my goodness, Zoe!
PRAISE HIM, sister!
How thankful I am that you and your family are safe!

He is so good!

Having a good smeller is a blessing, huh?

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