One New Kitchen on the way...
I'm going to take quick detour of sort from our discussion on change.
If you've been following my bog you will know we had a fire in our garage last September and to date, our house still smells like smoke (especially our kitchen) and all of my base cabinets smell like smoke and cherry bubble gum cleaner.

Well... I just got word today that my kitchen is about to ripped out to the studs and then rebuilt beginning next Monday. Wooooo Hoooooooo!
Just think.. take out 3 meals a day for 10 days...
Do you think that sounds great? Sound like a vacation to you?
Let me know what you think.
I have a few ideas of my own...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, this definitely sounds like a vacation to me! But I also know that after a couple days of eating take out for every meal I would be wishing I had my kitchen back. I do get tired of planning meals (not so much the cooking, but deciding what to cook), but I also feel that it is harder to eat healthy (i.e. enough fruits and veggies) when eating out. I know you'll enjoy your new kitchen - without the smoke smell.

Blogger Joyful said...

Wow!!! You don't have to make meals for 10 days!!! Yep, I'm hearing vacation!!! I know eating out can get tiresme and expensive, but a break in meal preparation sounds divine to me. Instead of the daily what to make, it will be where to go. I know if my husband was in the equation we'd no doubt have some small appliances in another room and dinner at home would most likely continue as always. Or I suppose some meals could be prepared in advance, placed in the freezer and just microwaved :). I'm not hearing "fun" with that plan.

Enjoy any break that you have and just think, you're getting a "new" kitchen too. Yippee!!

Have a great day,

Anonymous Shelia B. said...

My parents remodeled their 30 year old kitchen just over a year ago. They too gutted down to the studs and completely flipped their kitchen. What was suppose to have taken about 30-40 days ended up lasting over 7 months to complete. Needless to say my dad was thrilled to have a kitchen from which homecooked meals could be made. But my mom...well, i think she rather enjoyed eating out most all those meals. It took her a while to get back into the groove of cooking again. But they both say it was worth it as they now have a much more functional and beautiful kitchen. Enjoy your 'time off' from cooking and may your kitchen look better than ever.

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