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Welcome to August friends,
If you attended this year's She Speaks Conference, you heard Ann speak for yourself. You heard her quiet and calming words that ushered us into the very presence of our sweet Jesus.

You heard her speak words of pain and praise, hard things and God's presence in the midst.
You heard her use words that truly spoke to today's quote.

If you've ever been hurt by the words of others like me; I hope you will use this quote as a reminder to consider your words.

Would you be willing to share your story of words in your life?


Blogger Michele said...

Yes, Zoe.

For years I used my words not to bless, not to praise, but to lie. I knew I was in the enemy's power.
Today I'm Jesus' precious daughter. My words will be used to proclaim His godd news, to praise and worship Him, and to fix all the

It's costing me a high price.
It would be SO MUCH easier for me to just say YES to Christ and not having to fix things up. But then He would not be working in my heart.

Zoe, you will be receiving an e-mail from me, soon.

I love you, Jesus.

I love you Zoe,

Michele Cas├ęca

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