25 Days and Mind over Matter
Good Morning Friends,

We are 25 days from the wedding and I'm feeling a bit old today. Maybe it's because I'm still recouping from that nasty cold or maybe it's because I worked out with Mike the machine yesterday or maybe it's because I really am getting older. What ever!

Anyhoo... I'm feeling every one of my years today, and that's why I had to share this hilarious picture with all of my bloggy friends.

Hey, if these gals can do squats in heels I have NO room to complain! LOL
You go girlfriends.
Make it a great day today and do some squats in heels.
Keep sending in your suggestions for those gift bags.

26 Days and a little Greek Music
Hey friends,

There are 26 days until the wedding.
Thanks for all your suggestions on items for the gift bags.
I'm adding your suggestions to my list.

I'd love your input on an idea for the Mother/Son dance.
There is a simple Greek dance I think Josh and I could learn and we could dance to a some familiar Greek music.
What are your thoughts?

27 days and Counting
Hey friends,

I have finally rejoined the land of the living.
My cold is almost gone and that nasty Pink eye is just a crusty old memory.
Gross! I haven't had that since I was five.
A long weekend at the beach with our best friends was indeed the best medicine.

We are now 27 days until the wedding.
Oh my goodness! It is going to be here before I can even turn around.
I think I have most everything done. I'm still waiting for the pretty wedding tissue packets to arrive and I still have to purchase the items for the hotel gift bags.
If anyone has any suggestions on what what to include in those I'd love your helpful hints.

I also need your suggestions ASAP on what song Josh and I should dance to at the reception for the Mother/son dance.
We don't really want anything sappy. We are trying to think of something fun or funny.
I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Good Morning Friends,

Well... here we are again. Coughing, sneezing and hacking. Greaaaaaat!

Poor dear, yesterday was Tom's birthday and we both spend it napping after church before we met the kids for Tom's birthday dinner at Mickey and Mooch.

Yuck, I want to be home in bed. He's flying on a business trip today and I want to cut the left side of my head off.

Barbie at 50
Hey friends,

Someone sent this to me and I laughed so hard I cried.

I think Barbie should join Fitness Together.
My trainers would get her back into shape in no time at all.

Happy Laughy Day Friends

Getting Older...

You can't help
getting older,
but you don't have
to get OLD.
George Burns
Put a little kick in your day today friends!!

Easter Weekend and Home Church
Christos Anesti (Kristoss Ah Nestea)
That's Greek for Christ has Risen! for all my non Greek Friends,
Anyway Happy Easter Everyone.

After two days of meetings in Williamsburg, VA Tom and I made our way to the Roanoke area to spend Easter weekend with some of Kelsey's family. And what a family they are! Marty and Dave opened their home to I don't know how many for a weekend of fun, delicious food, fellowship and Home Church to celebrate this glorious Resurrection morn.
Here are a few pictures from our time together!!!

We celebrated this resurrection morning in Dave and Marty's kitchen/family room where we all gathered for some great spiritual singing (thanks to our you- tube music leader), then most of us there shared a personal word of scripture and our thoughts on what Easter means to us.
How precious to hear their children share their hearts, this is one Easter I'll never forget.
Tom and I were welcomed into our new family with warmth and grace and open arms.
Thanks to the Byrd family for extending the hand of Christ to us and for walking the life of true believer's before us.
We are grateful to be joining this wonderful family.

To Virginia

Hey Friends,

Tom and I are leaving for the Virginia Hospital Association meeting Wednesday through Friday.
After that ends we are driving over to Roanoke in order to spend Easter with some of Kelsey's family, I think there are to be about 30 people there. Hope Tom and I make a good first impression.

Happy Easter

Pretty, Pretty Princess Shoes????

Hey friends, What do you think of these shoes for the wedding?
These sparkly bows were on one of Kelsey's packages yesterday at her Bridal Shower. Of course I scooped them up and added them to my shoes.
 My friend Lisa is betting me $50.00 that I won't wear them to the reception.
What do you think... Will I or won't I?

50 days The Shoes
Hey friends and Happy Weekend!!

Well... the great shoe search continues but this time with some real possibilities at some REAL prices. The last three choices were $19.99 each.
That's right friends the Lord provides is abundance when you obey.

Here are the latest choices. What do you think? At these prices I could wear all four styles. LOL

Guess which one I like best?

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:

51 Days and Shoes
Good Morning Friends,

Well... the great shoe search continues. I spent 3 hours at a local mall yesterday in search for the prefect mother of the groom shoes.
Can I tell you that I DID find the most perfect, most beautiful shoes I've ever laid eyes on or slid my feet into at a very upscale store. They were the very shoes I have been dreaming of and even describing. High heel, sling back nude color with the toe box encrusted with crystals of every shape and size. I spotted them when I first entered the door and they called my name, begging me, taunting me to try them on. Okay, truth be told I gave in and did try them on and can I tell you I heard angels sing.
Those shoes made my little stubby feet look long and slim and even my little stubby legs looked long and sleek. I walked around like the "Queen of Everything" in those beautiful, perfect for any special occasion shoes until I heard. "Oh madame, those shoes were made for you." "They would be the perfect accessory to your dress." "Oh yes mam, they would indeed be perfect to wear at your son's wedding." "They are $1,200.00."
Suddenly my dream world came to a SCREEEEETCHING halt.
"Huh????????" "Twelve hundred dollars, imagine that." I mumbled to the handsome salesman. "Yes, they are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen or slid my feet into but I'm afraid that price is not in my budget." In all honesty I did spend the next 10 seconds trying to justify why I "deserve" these beautiful shoes and how I could get a fourth job to pay for them.Fortunately (or unfortunately) reason and sanity prevailed.
Poor man, I could see his bubble burst as his dream of meeting his hourly quota for the next week was dashed as I quickly removed the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen from my stubbly little feet
and handed the beautiful shoes back to him. I thanked him graciously for my few moments as the "Queen of Everything", then holding my head high I turned and left the store.

For the next 2 1/2 hours I searched and tried on anything I thought might work.
As time was running out for the day I did find this pair of Pretty, Pretty Princess shoes and brought them home on approval. I think they are a definite possibility and they are definitely in my budget.
What do you think?
Wonder if I can dance in these? Remember I mentioned there will be LOTS of dancing.
Hmmm....Maybe I should get some reception flip flops like the bridesmaids. I could bedazzle them and pretend I'm wearing the most beuatiful shoes I've ever seen or slid my feet into.

53 Days and Counting
Okay friends,I can officially say "The wedding is 53 days away!"
I'm more than excited for sure but I still need to find the time to purchase the perfect shoes for my dress and a few shiny and sparkly accessories.

This is the church at Oliver's Carriage House. It is a beautiful church located on the second floor of this charming rock building with Sunday school rooms in the former horse stalls.

I can hardly wait to see it decorated and waiting for our precious Kelsey and Josh to say their vows.
Now back to finding those shoes... Exactly what type of shoe does the mother on the groom wear to a wedding in a former stable? Let's see... the dress is a navy knee length number and quite understated but very elegant.
Perhaps something in a nude color to make my little stubby legs look longer.
You know I've got to have some sparkle, make that alot of sparkle and it has to have a very high heel.
Hmmm... let me rethink the height of that heel, given the fact that I've walked off a stage in low heels and I did roll my ankle last week walking in my kitchen. Call me "Miss Grace".
Sorry I digress...
I do have to walk up a flight of steps to get to the church and the floors are beautiful wood planks (Don't want my heels to get stuck in the cracks).
Oh yeah, there will be dancing at the reception. Lots and lots of dancing.
Tom and I will have 3 dances by ourselves in front of everyone (Note to self... get a few dance lessons from our friends Lisa and Rudy).
Josh and I will also have a mom and son dance (Another note to self... get some more dance lessons from our friends).
Rumor has it Josh is selecting the song for us to dance to...
I just hope it's not "Thriller". LOL!
It appears I have my work cut out for myself. Any shoe hounds out there? Send me your favorite shoes stores that carry "pretty,pretty princess shoes" And no, I'm not doing the dyed to match thing.
Can't wait to see what you suggest.

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