YouTube - Birthday Card
Okay my bloggy friends,

I was first introduced to this hilarious card on Wednesday last week when the Proverbs 31 staff and team gathered for our training. One of the speakers (who will reamin nameless) brought this out at lunch and I laughed so hard I almost chocked on my salad.
I know I'm tired from the wonderful She Speaks weekend and working long days at Carolina's Counseling but this is the funniest card I have ever seen.

If you're under 50 you may not remember Rose anna Danna or appreciate the humor in this; but I warn you little younglings...
You will understand all too soon as you approach the fabulous 50's

Enjoy the giggles
I'm running to the store to buy one for all my fabulous friends!!!!
YouTube - Birthday Card


Blogger Chef Diane said...


That was great, I remember she was on Saturday Night Live. After the weekend I feel that I wouldn't have any problem checking off most of those. :-)
Thanks for posting on my blog.

Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Zoe! That card is hysterical! Since I just turned 50 a few weeks ago, I really can appreciate it!
I do remember the original Saturday Night Live crew with Gilda Radner, Jane Curtain, Dan Akroyd, etc...v. funny!

Blogger Joyful said...

It's funny how some things only strike you as funny depending on age, past circumstances etc...

I have a video of Anita Renfroe doing an explaination of a mammogram. Before I ever had one I didn't find the routine funny at all, but now that I've been through the ordeal and even had further testing because of those results, I can laugh at the clip. It is humorous, but it also speaks of the heroics of the survivors.

Thanks for a fun post.
With laughter,

Blogger *jana* said...

My dad bought that card for my mom for her birthday just last week.

Blogger Jenny said...

That was funny! My mom's birthday is coming up soon and that my just fit her.


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