Q and A Cont'd
Hey bloggy friends,

Let me begin by thanking each of you for you kind and thoughtful posts and e-mails regarding my last devotional. I'm excited to know the Lord is using me for His glory.

Someone asked the question:
How many people are in a She Speaks small group?
Answer: There are 12 people in the speaker small groups.
How many talks will I be expected to give and will all of them be evaluated?
Answer: You will be expected to give two different talks and the only one we will be evaluating is the Saturday evening talk. Please refer to the information you received from the Proverbs office for other details on your talks.

That's it for today sweet friends. I'm off to work, then an afternoon meeting and then to work out with "Bobby the Beast", or "Mike the machine", or "Aaron the quadriceps killer" or "The Greganotor" or "Lindsay the tricep Queen".

If you're experiencing this heat wave with us here in the south; stay as cool as possible friends.

Hey, please pray for LeAnn Rice; the P31 Executive Director. The air conditioner in her home is broken and the temperature will be near 100 degrees once again today.


Blogger Kelly said...

Hello Zoe! Thanks for your lovely happy birthday wishes and for 'welcoming me to the club!'...I love your idea of writing down 50 (or 51!) things I want to do, and I am going to do that, make a list in my journal this week! Thank you so much again for Target gift card I won, I am enjoying the pjs and bath goodies I got with it very much!
It is only in the mid-40's where I live, you can send a little of your heat our way!
Blessings to you, and thank you again!

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