Thanks to all of you who pointed out the misspelled and non-existent words in the devotional today.
I do apologize for any confusion it may have caused.
I always use grammar and spell check as well as the devotional editors (one is an English professor at UNCW) before sending them out.

Thanks for your graceful understanding and for letting me know there was a problem.
Each of us will take extra measures to ensure you continue to receive devotions of excellence.

Happy Weekend Blessings my bloggy friends,


Blogger YVONNE said...

this is just the encouraging message I am needing at this very moment. I was searching for a personal touch from someone somewhere in my email and I decided to see what God would tell me through Prov31 Woman. God never fails me. Thank you for being used and for speaking words of life and encouragement to my spirit. I had recently gone to a retreat where this message pierced my heart and made me realize how precious I am in God's sight. My husband has chosen to make a life apart from our family and I am still in transition from living my life as a "wife" to living my life as a "princess of the most High, my Almighty God". It has been painful, difficult, humbling, but most of all life changing (in a good Godly way).

Blogger Running My Race said...

You are a classy chick filled with grace..... I loved your P31 Devo, you rock my friend.


See you in a few weeks....

Blogger Louise said...

Zoe - Thank you for this message. In the past several months I have been battling with very low self esteem - I blamed it on hormones..lol But I really do believe it is more of a spiritual battle. I am teetering on going forth with my business and the fear of failure seems to rear its ugly head when I raise even one foot to move forward.
I really needed to be reminded of who I am in Almighty God and to place things in perspective in the shadow of the cross.
Thank you Zoe You have been such a blessing to me today. p.s. didn't even notice the oops - the message over powered them.

Blogger Tiffany said...

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