Moving Forward
Hi sweetest friends,

Your calls, cards, e-mails, flowers and prayers have sustained my family as we walk through this time of loss and grief. My mom is doing quite well and getting out of the house every day. She's planning to join us at the beach in a few weeks as we vacation on Sunset Beach.
She is finding and reading old letters, discovering old photographs and taking her time as she sorts through my dad's numerous collections.

Tom and I are just back from a business trip and we leave in a few days for another.
Today I'm washing clothes, cleaning house. writing thank you notes, packing for the next trip and preparing for work on Monday.

I worked out this morning and I'm posting a few pictures. Although I haven't talked too much about my commitment to a healthy heart (see my posts "It's not about the hips; it's about the heart") I have continued with regular my workouts and I'm posting my food journal on for my trainer to see and critique.
Having someone check your food journal on a daily basis is not only helpful in keeping me accountable it has made me aware of my eating habits (good and bad).

I'm scheduled to have a fitness profile done on Monday evening July 21. Great, just 2 days after we return from the latest business trip with pre-planned meals and 8 hours in the car!!!
Oh well... I guess we will soon know the truth about my progress as I pursue a healthy heart.
Enjoy the pictures of the men's push-ups on the Bongo Board and "The Woman Maker" Super Set!


Blogger Joyful said...

WHOA...I'm IMPRESSED!!! WOW!!! Hope your hard work pays off.

Continuing in love and prayers,

Blogger Tammy said...

Wow!!! That is impressive! Praying your hard work is going to pay off. Will continue to pray for you all.


Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

You go, girl!!!!!!

Love you BIG ~ R

Blogger Diane said...

You go Girl! I am glad to see you back and am still praying.

Blogger Lynn Cowell said...

You go girl! After putting on that skort I had on today, it is obviously time for me to do the same!
I have been praying for you and your family. On the 20th it will be 9 years since my father joined Jesus. May He strengthen you and your's as He did for mine.

Blogger Pinkshoelady said...

Hi Zoe,
I want you to know you and your family has been in my prayers and will continue to be there.
Is there any way you can bottle up that kind of commitment to exercise and send me some?
Seems the only thing I can stay consistant with when it comes to exercise is good intentions! I can do about 100 reps of those a day!
Love you dearly my friend!
Pamela R.

Blogger Carol said...

Zoe, I've just come back from a bloggy vacation. I am so sorry to hear about your father. I will remember you in my prayers.

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