Easily Distracted

Hey sweet Bloggy friends,
For those of you who know me you'll so get this t-shirt.
I think it describes my sparkly ADD personality to a "T"
If you can't read it, this is what it says:
I was ready to take on the world
Until I was distracted by
Something Sparkly
Happy day friends.
I hope the Lord will allow you to bring a little sparkle into someone life today.
Please share your story........


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, that made me laugh. You really are a Glitter Girl and the Queen of Bling! You're too cute!

Zechariah 9:16 talks about God's people who will "sparkle in His land like jewels in a crown". You my friend "Sparkle"! We don't need a t-shirt to see His love shining through all you are and do.

I'll be looking for ways to shine for Him today!

Love & prayers,

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

You MUST tell me where I can get you and I matching versions of this t-shirt!

Maybe we should pick one up for Vern too.

Love ya! ~ R

Blogger Tammy said...

oh Zoe,,,this is too funny and cute. What a giggle. Have a blessed day

Blogger Chef Diane said...


That is a great shirt and idea. I shared some sparkle with my boys today. I suffer from chronic pain and never know until I get up how I will feel. Today was a bit better to stary with and I talked to two of my sons 15 & 16 and asked them if they wanted to do something. Of all things, they wanted to go look at 3 wheelers and Go Karts. It's a boy thing. But I got up and took them to "Dream" tee hee. I sat on a motorcycle and told them to picture me on it with a bright pink helmet of course. We had a great time together and now I am taking a rest. We went out to lunch and a former student of my was the manager of the place. It was so good to see her. Anyway it is amazing how when we add sparkle to someone elses day how much we get to have some sparkle too.
Your t-shirt must have bling bling shoes to go with it. Right?

Blogger DeeDee said...

I love it

Some things just bring out the ADD in all of us (women) huh? One way or another.

Blessing to you!

Blogger Bonita said...

I can so relate, except it doesn't have to be sparkly to distract me!

Blogger That Squirrel said...

My friend got me a t-shirt that she thought was so me. Well, it does sound like me sometimes. It says "Save energy. Don't talk to me." :)
I love your blog especially the devotionals on the proverbs31 site. Thank you.

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