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Rachel Olsen ( ) is sending people over to read about the shoe story from last year's She Speaks Conference. You can read all about "Hot Pink Pumps" in the January 2008 issue of The Proverbs 31 magazine or in a January post on this blog.
Here is a picture of Rachel and me with Pamela from last year's conference.
This year there are two more stories to add to my shoe collection.

Here are Lisa's Whittle's words from her post earlier this week.

And I cannot end this post without telling you one last thing that I loved about this weekend. I made a new friend in Zoe Elmore of P31. Yes, I already knew who she was. But man, did God use her to bless my heart in a very unexpected way. Sitting in Marybeth and Shari’s room on Friday afternoon, I began lamenting to the girls and Zoe about how bad my feet hurt. (Yes, wearing cute, yet painful shoes is a vice of mine.) After a few minutes, Zoe excused herself and left for her room. She came back just minutes later with the cutest pair of heels and insisted that I put them on. Though I was hesitant at first to do so, I soon came to realize that Zoe was not presenting me with another option. So, I relented. I tried them on and loved them immediately! Ok, they were still heels (and how comfortable can heels REALLY be?), but they were actually really comfortable, considering! I was so touched that Zoe had gone to find me some shoes to wear for the rest of the evening, but I saw it as just a really kind gesture. But when I tried to give them back to her, she wouldn’t take them. She flat out told me she wouldn’t be taking them back home with her. They were mine, she informed me. And that is how I got the really cute cork shoes.

The last shoe story from this year's She Speaks Conference has to do with the brown shoes the P31 team needed to wear on Friday with our
snappy "team uniform". Believe it or not, as the "Shoe Princess"I don't really own any brown shoes (because it's not my best color) so three days before the conference I found myself at the mall in search of a cute and comfortable pair of brown shoes. After four hours of searching I found the cutest brown shoes I've ever seen and they were on sale!
I was thrilled to say the least and packed them in my bag.

I did wear my cute and comfy shoes on Friday and they were the cutest brown "princess" shoes I've ever seen. Long story short I gave them to my sweet friend and teammate Sharon Glasgow. She looks great in brown and the shoes were made for her!!!!
Here they are before I kicked them off and gave them to Sharon. I think you'll have to agree, they are the cutest brown shoes ever!!

I'm often asked why I give my shoes, purses or jewelry away. There's a simple answer really....

The first reason is this:Shoes and purses and jewelry are just things; stuff really.

The joy I receive in giving things away far exceeds the joy anyone ever gets when they receive these things.

The second reason I give things away is the reason why I wear a tiara when I clean house.

In order to be a true princess, I must be willing to remember my "Princess Motto"

A True princess comes to serve, not to be served

So my bloggy friends, how are you serving others?

Please share your story...


Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Zoe!
Here's mine..I love tea and teaparties...but I have five teapots and who needs that many?! So I picked out a pretty white one with flowers and gave it to a friend at church who is single and in her late 20's and loves teaparties too, but didn't have her own teapot! I also love to knit scarves and giveaway, and I did that last year on my old blog and Van Walton was the winner! Giving is a lot of fun and I like your motto about princesses serving...and remember I was blessed by you for winning the $20 Target gift card and am still enjoying my shower gel and lotion and Pjs from that! Also, when I send cards to people, I like to add little things like a bookmark or a magnet or a fancy teabag!

Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, this is so great! Love your shoe stories. I have so many "give away" stories I don't know which one to choose! I'll go with the most recent.

I just learned of a family who lost everything in a fire. The home they were living in was a rental, so they had to go live in a hotel for weeks. The wife was a security guard at my sister's place of employment. When my sister phoned and shared this story with me, she said, "And Joy, the wife is exactly the same size as you".

I knew I needed to go through my closet and see what I could do to help. At first I was pulling out items that, although lovely, I didn't have any real attachment to at the time. Suddenly the Lord really spoke to my heart. He doesn't give me "hand-me-downs", He gives me His best. So, with fresh eyes in my closet, I began pulling out outfits, shoes, nightgowns, PJ's etc...(some still with TAGS on!!), and packaging up clothes for all seasons. Instead of doing it begrudgingly, I was now looking to find the prettiest things to pass along to bless this young woman who had nothing.

I delivered it all to my sister's office. I have still not had opportunity to meet this gal, but I thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to show His love, by sharing His best!


Blogger Jenny said...

Hi Zoe! That is so cute! A big way I feel like I am serving and giving is going to sound really goofy but here goes.

I am going to teach a coupon class at church next month AND I am going to let them go through all the coupons I have to make them a starter pack. Now as a woman who really uses coupons this is painful!

I know it will be great though!


Blogger Charlene Kidd said...

That story did my heart good. Thanks for sharing. I was so busy all weekend, I did not even know those cool experiences were happening. How is your dad? I am praying.

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