The List is Growing
I don't get teacher's who give deadline's for school projects and then give countless extensions for those who don't get the assignment completed on time. What is that teaching the students?

I don't get bungee jumping. Why would anyone WANT to purposefully attach themselves to the end of a rope and plunge hundreds of feet? Not me!

I don't get "Polar Bear Swims". (Is that just a Canadian thing?) Why anyone would jump into freezing cold lake water in the middle of winter is beyond me.

I don't get macrame or ceramics. (Sorry to all of you who enjoy creating these crafts.)

I don't get reading the end of a book first. Doesn't that take away the surprise? What's the incentive to keep reading?

I don't get articles written on the "Joy of Cooking". You mean to tell me you can actually have fun in the kitchen?

I don't get "Mr. Clean". Stop and think about it a minute. Who's scrubbing the bathrooms in your home?

Here's what I don't get -A child has ADHD and you provide education and parents, especially to the parents and yet they continue to complain that there child keeps forgetting or can't remember. Even worse, expects the child to remember to take the medication!

How come parents expect teachers to give into their demands even though it is going against policy or that their child just needs to learn there are consequences for their behavior or lack of.

I don't get why people would like to go to the beach naked...what is up with that?

I don't get why people do not stop at red lights...they zoom through.oh and there is that bungee jumping thing...I really don't get that

I have to agree about the underwear.

I am totally with you on the thong thing. Although I have a friend who says the three rule. Wear for three days straight and you'll never go back to the regular.

I don't get it why people think it is fun to sit and watch a car go in a circle really fast and pay money to do so.

I don't get it when 2 socks go into the dryer and only one comes out.

These are great, I hope you'll continue to add to the list
Happy Weekend my non thong wearing, sock missing, not ever bungee jumping friends,


Blogger Joyful said...

Hilarious!!! This is fun! I might be back with more later.

Love ya,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Here is one for you: I don't get how a teenager can hear their cell phone ring downstairs even with their music shaking the house. But they can not hear you if you call their name.

Why do kids send text messages to their brothers that say :Get me some toliet paper. They get mad when there is no response. My opinion is check before you start.

Blogger MrsProverbs31 said...

Zoe, you are so funny. I haven't laugh all day. Finally, I get to laugh. Thanks.

Blogger jillian4 said...

I don't get why my husband doesn't get me.......
I don't get why we know the way but we keep falling off the path........
I don't get why we question God's love for us when it is right there in front of us..........
I don't get why 5th grade boys continue to harass my 5th grade girl.............
I don't get NAIR, does it really work?
I don't get why politics has to be so nuts and shady.............
I don't get why people can't focus more on the good than the bad.........
I don't get why the media has to twist everything..........
I don't get all those diets out there......................
I loved all the posts of the "I don't gets......I wanted to be funny and creative but when I started typing my fingers went more on the serious side:)

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