Say it Isn't So!!!!!
As much as I hate to admit it I live a somewhat cluttered life in a somewhat cluttered world.

Have mercy and say it isn't so!!!!
How could this be? It must be a genetic abnormally.

This truth became oh so very clear while we were taking down the Christmas decorations and storing them in our storage room. There I was knee deep in boxes of stuff and no place to store them. Again I say Have mercy and ask how this could have happened?

Now don't think I'm such a pack rat that I would qualify for the show Clean House "Messiest House in the nation".
Tom is the organized, administrative type so my clutter is contained in this one storage room (and a few closets and my dresser drawers and one kitchen junk drawer and my purse).
Oh my, I guess I really do qualify as a pack rat. Oh the shame of it all!!

So... I've spent the better part of this last week taking one room a day and organizing that room.
Too bad I had to return to work this week, I was on such a roll.
It's been a walk down memory lane as well as an embarrassing task.
I had no idea I owned so many white t-shirts or purses.

Well, as wonderful as the memories are I've decided to part with most things and I've already taken one SUV load to the Good Will.
Happy shopping friends.
The task is daunting and overwhelming to say the least, but I'm committed to reducing the clutter in my home, my life and hopefully my mind (de-cluttering my purse is going to be a process).
I'll keep you posted on my progress. In the meantime here's the new and de-cluttered storage room. Look! You can even see the floor!
I didn't know that floor was gray concrete. HA!!


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, this is EXACTLY what I've been doing!!!! Yesterday I emptied every cupboard in two of our bathrooms and did a complete overhaul. I've been throwing out, throwing out, throwing out!!! The most daunting room for me is our "office". Haven't had courage to even go in there - I feel like I'll never make it out! Just this morning I decided I would take a picture of it - exactly how it looks right now - and then I'll be able to really see the transformation when it's complete.

Your post here has encouraged me to be brave and get in there! This "mess" happened so gradually that at first the problem went undetected. Now it's so overwhelming it's hard to know where to begin. Sounds like sin in our life. If we let just a little accummulate before long we are buried in feelings of shame and unworthiness.

The time to de-clutter is now!
Heading in there......think I should take a flare-gun, just in case...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh - your garage/storage area looks awesome! You have inspired me (as I look at the remainder of Christmas that is not put away - UGH!). I need to get stuff to goodwill/salvation army too.

Blogger Tammy said...

oh very nice. I must say we live in a house that has no is old I have to keep clutter down...each year we go through closets, clothes, the whole nine yards and pitch, give, or do away with. I admit I am a type a personality who can not stand things out of place...but it works for us. keep it up princess...I know you can do it.

love and blessings

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

Way to go, Zoe!
As you know, I'm busy in organize mode this week as well. Doesn't it feel GREAT to get it done?!

Let me know when you come my way next to stick your toes in the sand - I hope to see you. :)

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