Chocolate Covered Cherries
Good Morning Sweet Friends,
We spent the afternoon with our best friends Lisa and Rudy teaching them to make hand-made
Chocolate Covered Cherries

154 little cherries just waiting to be wrapped and dipped

Here they all are wrapped up in their sweet little blankets

Rudy is shaving the paraffin for the melted chocolate

And the dipping begins

Lisa's first attempt was great. Don't they look Yummy?

A well deserved rest for the team


Blogger Kim said...

dear, dear Zoe,

you MUST share this recipe---I have only ever had store bought chocolate covered cherries and I am just so curious how these are made. what are those cherries "wrapped" in???

YOU are a VERY busy lady!!!

be blessed!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Yeah, Okay they look great. Do you need my address so that I may give them the professional taste test. I would be more than happy to.

My younger son loves sugar cookies. So Friday I decied to make them for him. Now bare in mind I do nothing by the single dozen. I made 24 dozen yarious decorated ones for him. The expression on his face when he came home from school was worth all the work.
I was going to take pictures, but my camera is broken.

Blogger Joyful said...

This post reminds me of my Christmas baking day with my sister and our two sons! Such fun!

It looks like you got a good return for your labour - a delicious return!! (I'm still amazed that you can make all these yummy sweets without eating any! Such discipline!)


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