Client of the Month
I know what you're thinking... Client of the Month? What? Huh?

Many of you know that I have been training at the
Matthews Fitness Together Studio
Matthews3022 Weddington Rd. Suite 200
Matthews, NC 28105
Phone 704-847-3859

The studio highlights one client a month and reports on their progress.

Here is the actual write up for December:

Zoe Elmore brings a burst of sunshine every time she walks on the doors. Her passion for exercising is absolutely contagious. She has dropped 6% body fat since starting with us and has gained 13 pounds of muscle! Zoe is unstoppable - she completed 110 push-ups on her last assessment! Yes, we said 110.

Zoe works extremely hard and her results are well-deserved. She recently committed to training four times per week and always reschedules any missed sessions. Her results are evidence of her commitment to every aspect of health and fitness - training, cardio and nutrition.

Zoe is also part of a powerful speaking ministry for Proverbs 31 women's ministry and continually updates her blog with her fitness progress. Check out her at for some inspiration!Way to go ZOE!

Now what am I sharing this all of you?

The answer is simple...

The Lord is using these young men and women who serve as my trainers to whip me into a fit woman, and I mean whip!

I'm embarrassed to admit I was so out of shape when I began I almost threw-up after each session and could hardly move for days after a work-out.

BUT with the help of skilled and talented trainers I've been able to reap the benefits of some pretty hard work.

How fitting.... and what a clear picture. Our spiritual lives don't get in shape by themselves any more than our physical bodies do. Both take a lot of commitment and hard work and sometimes the whip needs to be cracked a time or two.

Friends, I encourage each of you to invest the necessary time and commitment for you to reap the benefits of a strong and fit spiritual life.

As we rush around this time of year and prepare our homes and families for a wonderful celebration PLEASE don't forget to celebrate the "Reason for this Season"

Celebrate your realationship with Christ today


Blogger Joyful said...

Well now, you amaze me!!! How long have you been doing this? Congratulations on all your success.

I desire to be fit physically as well as spiritually. I pray that my Heavenly Trainer is pleased with my progress as well - it's all for Him.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous Kim Vail said...

I am so proud of you. You look WONDERFUL!

Blogger Charlene Kidd said...

I have been thinking of you lately. I am so proud of your dedication. I hope to see you soon. I miss you bunches.

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

Post some PICTURES of this amazing transformation!

Come on, it'll inspire me... I hope!

Smiles ~ Rachel

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