Sniffles, a Bridal Shower and ZICAM
Hey friends,

I know I've been absent but this cold is ruthless and doesn't want to make an exit from my head and chest. As soon as my work day is done I've been scurrying home, jumping into my jammies and sliding between clean sheets just in time to enjoy a cup of chicken broth followed by a cup of Mint Medley Tea.

I've tried something new to relieve the symptoms of this nasty little beast.
ZiCam Nose swabs and I really like them.
You get the benefit without the groggy feeling cold tablets can leave behind.

We're off to Baltimore Maryland tomorrow morning.
Josh and I are driving my car and Tom will fly up to meet us after a meeting.

I'm so excited, we're going to be meeting Kelsey's family for the very first time, attend a bridal shower Saturday night and then we're moving Kelsey to Charlotte on Sunday.
I'm sure they will be impressed with my red and swollen nose not to mention my low and raspy voice. Tom thinks I sound like Barry White. HA!!!!!

It's going to be great having our future daughter-in-law in the same city.
I can only image how bitter sweet this must be for her adoptive parents Cathy and Charlie.
May I ask you to pray for them as they watch their only child move away and prepare for marriage.

I'll post some photos from our time away when we return next week.


Blogger Joyful said...

Praying for you all. May the transition go well and may Cathy and Charlie know God's presence and peace.

Praying you'll be feeling better soon Zoe - yucky colds!


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Prayers for safe travels. Take lots of tissues, hands sanitizer and that wonderful Zicam. I love that stuff. So sorry that you are sick. Take it easy sounds like a tough couple days coming up.
Prayer all the way around. Hugs with face mask on.
Tee hee,

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

Baltimore! My neck of the woods. I live in Annapolis. Bring warm clothes. We are expecting some cold, windy weather over the next few days! Have a good trip.

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