Yesterday was a day... and that's all I'm going to mention.
When I arrived home I felt like Kate from "John and Kate plus eight" when she states
"Today could very well be the day I lose my mind."

Angry clients, broken computer systems and enough phone calls to give a girl cauliflower ear. Sorry, I did mention that I wasn't going to mention any details about my day didn't I?
Oops, my bad!

Any way why is this important and why bother even mentioning it?

Days like yesterday may give me reason to question my sanity but far more important are the reasons it gives me to be grateful.

Yes, my little family has it's quirks and kinks and we struggle with many of the same things most families do yet even in the midst of the messiness of life there are reasons to throw up my hands toward heaven and PRAISE the Lord for the family He has woven together for me.

Days like yesterday serve as a reminder that I do indeed have MUCH to be grateful for and I should tell my family members just how much I love them and am grateful to be walking through this life together with them.

What about you friends, are you experiencing days full of chaos, confusion and clamour?
What do you do to keep your sanity and civil tongue in place?

A bubble bath at the end of the day?
Perhaps you're more of a cup or tea or a bowl of ice cream and cookie kind of gal.

Do share your favorite way to relax, restore and release the stresses this life can and does bring.

I can't wait to try some of your suggestions


Blogger JottinMama said...

I'm a bubble bath AND ice cream and cookies type girl :) Especially now that I'm pregnant again! Anything that has to do with food is my friend these days :)

What else do I do to relax? Listen to music. Read a magazine. Visit a bookstore. Cry. Drink hot chocolate. Working out does the trick sometimes, too. And that's a good thing - since I am a cookies and ice cream kind of girl! Ha!

Praying that you are relaxing,
Kate :)

Blogger Kim said...

My favorite way to relax is to take my dog to a near by park and go for a walk. Being outside and away from all the "noise" of life is very relaxing.

Blogger Chef Diane said...


Sounds like one of those old commercial days of “Calgon take me away”. I have lots of ideas for calming my soul. But some of them depend on What caused the hype!

1) Remove myself for said person, place or thing, when possible.
2) Keep a great selection of herbal tea of decaf tea on hand.
3) Candles that smell like the beach are a must.
4) Bubble bath or Jacuzzi depends on the stress.
5) Praise music
6) Comfortable, sensible PJs, the ones you wear for comfort.
7) If needed 1 piece of Godiva chocolate.

I hope that these help. They help me, of course there is crying, kicking and screaming. But I try not to resort to them, sometimes they are necessary. If I don’t get it out and calm Me down, it doesn’t get better for anyone.

Cyber hugs my friend,

Blogger Joyful said... do I relax? I'm doing it right now. :o) I love sitting and reading what's going on in the life of my friends, writing them little notes and praying for them as I visit their blogs. Pouring into others refreshes me. And...if I happen to have a nice cup of hot tea on the desk beside me...well, absolutely perfect!

Praying tomorrow will be a better day for you!

Love, prayers and hugs,

Blogger Liesa said...

Hi Zoe.
My "Sacred Place of Prayer" is my tub! I'm usually a shower girl just because of the quickness of it, but when I go to the bathroom, shut the door and run bathwater, my family automatically know that one of the following is going on:
1. I'm pouring my heart out to God.
2. I'm just staring at the ceiling or wall being nice and quiet. (all while soaking in the tub)
3. All of the above!
When I'm going to speak at a ladies event, I go to the tub to get my thoughts together, when I'm sad, I go to the tub, etc.
A little funny:
at one of the ladies meetings I spoke at, I was telling them how I had prayed about what to speak to them about, etc. I said, I remember where I was and even "What" I was wearing!
(I was in my tub when God gave me the subject!) lol.
God is good!

Blogger Tammy said...

well being a tea lady I make a pot of tea, take a good book, and head to the bubble bath. I close the door and lock it and family knows I am resting my heart and soul and afterwards I can deal with the world. Sometimes I never open the book cause the Lord and I are having conversation over tea...amazing how fast that teapot gets empty.

I find lately I have needed to do that much more. I pray your day tomorrow is blessed with joy and love my friend.

love and blessings

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

Sitting in front of the fire with my feet up, snuggled up with a good book is my favorite place to be. Sometimes just giving my mind a break from mulling over whatever has got me riled is the best way to relax. Reading does that for me-- gets me away from reality for just a little while.

Corrie Ten Boom once said, "God has no problems, only plans." Going to the Word and reading about His power and love give me reassurance that I can "relax" and allow Him to take the wheel (which He had all along anyway.)

Blogger Melanie said...

I write to process my emotions.

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