Resting with Zits

First of all... We woke up to snow today. Yeah!!!

Okay, it's just a tiny dusting of snow really but it's snow!!!

I'm certain it will be all melted with no traces what so ever by noon.

A warm and toasty welcome to those of you stopping by after reading today's
Proverbs 31 devotional.

I wish I had the opportunity to stay inside and rest today while the neighborhood children play in the snow outside my window, but I'm working today.

Ah rest... I think I remember what that is and how to enjoy it.

Several days ago I asked my bloggy friends to
Share their favorite ways to relax, restore and release the stresses this life can and does bring.

What can you add to our list?

Tom is out of town on business so tonight, I'm treating myself to a bubble bath then I'm going to slip into the clean sheets on our bed to watch American Idol (that is on TV tonight isn't it?).
I LOVE clean sheets so much I change ours 2-3 times a week.
Clean sheets and resting go hand in hand for me.
I can't wait to see what you will add to our "resting list"

P.S. For those of us with sons here's a little funny for you. I think the Zits cartoon series is a true reflection of how the male mind operates under the influence of "testosterone poisoning"


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, just wanted to comment on your P31 Devotional today! LOVED IT! The power of a rest. Music always sounds sweeter after a rest, and our lives are often sweeter after a rest as well - especially if our rest included the One who gives rest to our souls.

I am one who 'schedules rest' into my day and you are so right - it works contrary to what you think. When I take an extra hour out of my day to pray and rest in Him, I end up getting more accomplished than the days I forgo this time for whatever reason. Friends often tell me they think God gives me more hours in my day, but I think He just blesses the time I give to Him.

May you enjoy His sweet rest today!
Love ya,
PS. The comic was funny.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes the joy of male communication!! Very funny!

Enjoy your dusting of snow--we got about 4 inches here last night--another 2 hour delay for the kids-UUUUHGGGGG!!! Come on Spring!!

Blogger JottinMama said...

Loved your devo today! I'm about to start a book entitled "Rest" by Keri Wyatt Kent! I can't wait to dive in!

Blessings to you,
Kate :)

Blogger Wendy Pope said...

Thank you for the reminder of rest. I am going to do that as I sit inside, wearing my bed-pants, and looking at the beautiful snow.
I love you sweet friend.

Blogger Jolene said...

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Blogger Jolene said...

My favorite way to rest is to turne the radio on low in the background, and curl up with a good book to read. I really enjoy Christian fiction by a wide variety of authors. I an an extroverted person so I also find talking with my husband and my best friend restful. Thank you for the reminder to rest. I certainly needed that reminder today. I was formulating a to-do list in my head before I read your devotional.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a busy single mom, full-time employee, who forgets that there is a noun/verb in the dictionary titled "rest"! And right now, the Lord is forcing me to become reacquainted with that term, by blessing me with my second brain tumor in four years! Although the first I had surgically removed, this one we're treating with radiation. And, supposedly I was going to be able to return to work each day after the treatments. Well, I'm pressing on, despite the "swollen brain" headaches, only because I work in a tax office, and right now is not the "season" to be taking time off! Plus, being a single mom of two, it's not like there's a lot of "down time" at home either! But I'm trying to rest more than I did, say two weeks ago! The Lord sure knows how to get your attention when He needs to!

Blogger Micca said...

I find it restful while sitting on the beach watching the waves break on the shore over and over. I love the sound too! I think that's the sound i hear when I visit your blog. So your blog reminds me of rest too. And, it makes me want to pee. I don't know why...but it's true.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, Thank you for this devotional especially. I am in ministry and I spend so much time and energy doing "stuff" FOR the Lord that taking that same time and channeling it into Jesus Himself is often a second thought. We forget that time with Him is also "rest for our souls" as stated in Matthew 11:29, so it's a win, win situation! I appreciate the time you take to offer encouragement to so many.

Be blessed and REST!
Love, Dianne

Anonymous Lynn Cowell said...

Thank you so much for the reminder. Just last night I was telling my kids that I felt out of sorts and sure enough, I didn't make it to bed without messing up with my mouth. I should have gone to bed right away! Hopefully, I will next time!
Look forward to seeing you soon,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Rest was a foreign word to me about 8 years ago. I thought as a wife, mother and teacher you were obligated to run until everyone else stopped. Then and only then did you take care of your needs. Since I was assaulted and have had to rest I have new perspective.
I use to rely on that Sunday nap to get me through. But these days I understand that when you take a time out for yourself it is perfectly ok the kids didn't starve and house didn't fall apart.

It is taking time to rest that I have found how to be a better me. I love your idea of a bubble bath and clean sheets. Nothing like that combination. Throw some candles and one piece of fine chocolate in and that is relaxing to me.

Zoe, enjoy your evening of rest. Enjoy American Idol and awake tomorrow recharged.
P.S. Loved the devotional today

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

Loved the devotional today, Zoe.

We Americans have become so busy we are meeting ourselves coming and going. All this activity forces us to eliminate the least urgent of business. Unfortunately, spiritual matters seem to top the list of the least urgent.

This summer I took a class in the spiritual disciplines. One of the exercises was to go out into the woods and sit and contemplate nature. I rolled my eyes as I walked the path through the trees. It seemed a little too new age for my taste. Once I got settled into a comfortable spot, I gazed at the tree overhead. God spoke to me as I thought about Him. Within 45 minutes, I had a whole retreat's worth of messages and a book idea. I had spent time in prayer, and more importantly, spent time listening to what God had to tell me. It was a glorious hour.

Satan would love us to remain busy-- even if it is in doing things for the Kingdom. Our busyness keeps us from developing our relationship with God. It's the one thing God wants from us more than anything else-- to love Him with all of our mind, heart, and strength. Busyness keeps us from that all important priority.

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who changes her sheets 2x a week because she's convinced it helps her relax and sleep better.

Are we twins seperated at birth?

Love ya ~ Rachel

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