Hey friends,

Thanks for all your posts, I've added your suggestions to my list and hope to try a few in the coming days.
We're excited to welcome Kelsey (our future daughter-in-law) in our home this weekend.
She arrived around 1:00 this morning after driving from Maryland and I can hardly wait to give her a hug.

We're going to an awesome fabric store about 1 hour from here to search out the materials
to make her veil.
Not only is Kelsey a godly young woman she is "wicked smart" (as my son says) and loves to stick to her budget. She is doing an amazing job planning their big day without breaking the bank.

I'll be going in for the latest weight and measurement assessment this morning and I'll post the results later on.
So far the results are 9 1/2 pounds and 5 inches lost after 2 weeks.
I'm confident those numbers will be much less this week, but in my book any loss is a victory!

Okay sweet friends, I'm off to begin the day and ready myself for a training session with the Amazing Annihilating Anthony. Last week he had me doing "The Bear", I wonder what other animals he'll have in store for me today?


Blogger Joyful said...

Know you'll have a great day today! Treasure every moment.

Rejoicing with you over your accomplishments - WOW!!! I was excited yesterday when the Wii thought I was only 33! Gotta love it!


Blogger Chef Diane said...


You can't see me but I am doing the happy dance for you. YEAH! I am so happy for you. Have a wonderful day with the future daughter in law.

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