Companys Comin'
Earlier this year I made a promise to rid my house of clutter and to donate or toss at least 4 bags of "stuff" every month and I have been faithful to that promise.
Well now I have real motivation to get things cleaned up and organized.
My mom arrives in 4 days and then we are hosting friends next week.
With all the remodeling I forgot that I had pushed and shoved tons of stuff under beds and into closets until this weekend when I found said "stuff" as I prepared the bedrooms for our guests.
Oh me, Oh my, where is all of this "stuff" coming from? Is someone secretly sneaking into my house and adding to as I take away? I'm serious! I cannot believe we still have so much "stuff" just lying around.
You'd think I was a closet hoarder or something (okay it's not that extreme, I'm being dramatic).

Why did I think we needed all that stuff in the first place and if it was so important what haven't we used it or even thought about it. Okay, I know some of it is sentimental stuff we want to hold onto, but do I really need 20 empty notebooks, 10 tote bags, 6 pair of black slacks and 2 antique quilts? Not to mention the mountain of paper and countless rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon (I could wrap all your Christmas gifts and still have enough left for mine).
What was I thinking? I had no idea we had accumulated so much stuff in 30 years of marriage and raising a family.
I did put a dent in things but certainly have a ways to go.
Too bad I'm working everyday this week and can't continue the great clean up now that I'm motivated and ready to get it all done.
I'll just have to pull it all out from under those beds and out of those closets in order to make room for our visitors, then sort it all out later. Now where can I hide all that stuff while our visitors are here and where I'll remember to find it?
Good grief
Don't even ask me about cleaning the plantation shutters, how dirty they were and how long that took?
I need a nap and a maid. Any takers, for the maid not the nap?


Blogger Judy said...

I also have been paring down for almost two years - a room at a time and a little here and there. A couple weeks ago when I drove up to Goodwill, I was greeted with "Do we need a cart Ms. Judy?" Goodwill knows me by name!

Blogger Chef Diane said...


That's where my stuff is, under your beds. I have been wondering where it was at. Too bad I wasn't there because we are finally having that dreaded thing on Saturday "yard sale". UGH! I so dread it, but need the cash.

Just think how much we could get for those empty notebooks of yours. Not to mention those tote bags sister. We could sell those babies and have enough to split a smoothie.

I could send you a teenager to help you scrub those shutters if you want.
By the way how is the renovation coming? Are we done yet?

Blogger Oh Dear said...

We had a sale a month ago and already I am getting the feeling of being ran over by stuff. Lucky for me, a yard sale to benefit a mission trip is coming up and that encourages me all the more to give!

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

Nothing like company to get the house clean. I do my best cleaning the hour before guests arrive.

I have been so busy with writing and life I have hardly touched my piles of stuff. And we are redecorating the living/dining room, so I am running out and buying more stuff. New stuff-- which will eventually become old stuff under the bed!! Sigh.

Blogger Joyful said...

I'd be your 'maid' in a second if I lived closer. I love helping people clean out "stuff" and get organized. Just this past weekend when visiting my sister's home, and passing her 12 year old son's bedroom and doing a double-take as my sister quickly closed the door so as not to see the mess, I tackled his room and all his "stuff" was either shelved neatly or discarded (with his permission of course).

Moving into this house 5 years ago, we down-sized greatly and it forced me to get brutal with the necessities. It was good giving away. Think I need a clean sweep of my heart as well.

Hugs to you always,

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