Fitness Assessment Results
Okay friends,
I promised to post my results and here they are.
My last assessment was done February 2009 and these results are from today.

Body Fat: Decreased 6.4 points, I'm now out of the 30 something body fat range an into the 20 something range.
 I haven't been in the 20 something range since 5th grade (not kidding)!
Weight: Increase 2/10's of a pound.
Ebbling Submax Treadmill Test (this measures your body's ability to use oxygen to perform work):
 Increase of 1.8 points to 38.7 mkm (Whatever that means)
Men's Push-ups (Elbows MUST bend to 90 degrees minimum, you cannot stop or bend your knees)
I did 43.
Flexibility- Sit Reach Hip Flexion: 18 inches
Hamstring/Hip Flexibility: 102 degrees
Blood Pressure: 106/60
Body Measurements: Overall I continue to lose inches. I'm down 2 -3 sizes in a year.

That's about it, not as bad as I had thought but we're not done yet.
 We've set some goals for the next 4 months and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

For those of you new to this side of me I've been posting my progress for about a year.
After my dad died last summer I had a huge wake-up call regarding my health and I began taking responsibility for the way I was NOT taking care of this temple I have been entrusted with.
It's NOT about weight or size, it has been and continues to be about being a good steward of this temple in order to do the things God is calling me to do (More about that later).
There it is friends, this is the latest assessment.
Now, if you'll excuse me , I'm off to the showers and then to grill some burgers.


Blogger Cris Nole said...

Way to go Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am all about taking care of the temple and having fun while doing it. Keep it up, praying for you.... Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Chef Diane said...


That is awesome news girlfriend. Wow, I honestly think you are in better shape than me. But I am working on it and that is what counts. The push ups, wow, I am so impressed.

Two snaps and a click for you.
I thought you looked great this past weekend.
I understand the wake up call thing. I got one last year too.

Star for the princess,

That's fantastic! I am actually starting a new book about this topic, being a fat girl myself. (Yes, I am PROUD of going from "morbidly obese" at a BMI of 39 to just obese with a BMI at 30. One more point and I'll just be plain overweight! I never thought I'd be so excited about that. ;)

It's hard to get healthy in a godly way when there are so many influences around you to do it for other reasons. Somehow we have to break through that and show women a Christ centered way to care for the temple.

Slow and steady wins the race, as you are finding out! Maybe one of these days we can have a heart to heart and I can bounce some ideas off you and ask questions about your own journey to health. Couldn't be prouder!!!

Blogger Julie Coleman said...

WOW-- 43 pushups!! You are the woman. I don't know if I can do even one.

Keep up the good work!!

Blogger Wendy Blight said...

I am SO impressed that you can do 43 REAL push-ups. Oh, my gosh Zoe that is AWESOME. I can't even do one real men's push-up. You go, girl!!!

I LOVED seeing you at She Speaks. I do miss spending time with you. Thankful we had time to visit.

Blessings on your day today,


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