Forgive Her?
Hey friends,
I'm starting to work on the topic of forgiveness and wanted to get your thoughts on the subject. I've said and done some pretty unkind things in the past and have eaten my fare share of crow as I've gone to people to ask their forgiveness for my insensitive remarks and or actions. The reactions have been varied and I wanted to hear about your experiences on the subject.
Would you be willing to share your stories with us?


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh Zoe, I'm just finishing a week of holidays up North - with very limited Internet access - that's why I've been missing in action! LOL! I hope I remember to come back and visit here. I have some forgiveness stories to share. One that went amazingly well...where God not only allowed me to forgive but also forget. Another one that didn't go so well. I asked for forgiveness, and my friend said the right words, but our friendship ended. Forgiveness is such an important topic. Can't wait to read what you're going to share.

Love ya,

Blogger Kim said...

Oh, I have experienced forgiveness at it's fullest and have also forgiven. I think you know most of the story...not to put on a blog. I would love to share with you sometime. I sure do miss you at work.

Blogger Pinkshoelady said...

God has really been teaching me a lot on this subject this year.
At a counceling session God brought up a memory of someone I would have sworn I had forgiven.
I learned several things. 1) You have to acknowledge the extent of the offense...not just name it...but also the feelings and messages it left you with about yourself. 2)you have not truly forgiven until you hold no more account or bill on that person. I would forgive the event and even ask God to bless that person but would still expect to be apologized to or see God's vengence on my behalf. In learning to truly forgive I had to stop expecting these things and truly say from my heart that it would be ok if retrubution were never received.

There are two powerful stories that came out of these that I would love to share with you personally...too long for a blog comment.

Praying for you as you see what all God wants to do with this subject. It is needed.
Love you Pamela

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