What to do...
What to do when your get up and go... Got up and went!
Hey friends, I'm putting some thoughts together for an upcoming writing adventure and would love to hear from you on this subject.
Please share your thoughts to the following questions:
How do you keep your energy up and running throughout the day?
What foods do you eat to encourage good health?
What foods do you avoid and why?
What do you do to stay active?
(running back and forth to the pantry doesn't count)
How do you encourage others to live a healthy life?
(nagging and begging don't count)
Please share your favorite recipes


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Oh, my I love this subject!

1) I rely on proteins and high fiber foods throughout the day. Carbs for me are great for quick burst of energy. But don't take care of the hunger. I keep these handy:

Cheddar Cheese slices
String Cheese

2)I try to stay away from processed sugars and white flour.
Skip the bread, if you get a burger don't eat the bun, extra lettuce
Lots of water
Green anything

3) Avoid fried everything because you will pay in the long run.
Try this, take a straw and stick it down into some solid Crisco shortening. Notice the way it sticks to the sides. Now try to run cold water through it. That is what that fried food does inside you. It doesn't let anything through and that is what causes heart attacks.
I personally can't eat fried food anymore.

4) I go to a pool 2 x a week and workout.

5)Limit caffeine
Cut back when you can (2% milk, fat free instead of full fat)
If you are really craving it, have just enough to cut the craving and stop.(for me the cravings just get worse when I deny them)

I can share all kinds of recipes. Is there something particular you are looking for?
Hope my stuff is helpful.

Diane, you are such a superwoman- you make the rest of us look bad! lol How do you manage without coffee?!?
I actually am a firm believer in the healing properties of a power nap. I make sure to lay down in the middle of the day for 45min to 90min- but never more than 90 or it will inhibit your sleep during the night. I started doing it after I met a 75 year old gal who looked like she was 50. She told me proper rest is essential to keeping your body young. It feels really weird at first, and people will probably tell you that you are being lazy. But your body will thank you for the catnap by bouncing right back up and being more alert and energetic.
I'm telling you, this works!!! (I'm pretty sure this secret of napping is how toddlers are able to run circles around their frazzled parents! Makes sense, huh?)

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