"Guest Ready"
Okay, I know I've been absent for a few days.

Last week is still a blur after working every day and preparing for House guests.
My mom arrived Friday afternoon and we were so glad she joined us for a few days, it was great to have her in the house.

She left on Monday and our next house guests arrived Tuesday.
Wes and Evelyn were passing though and sadly they were only able to be with us for one night.
Never-the-less, there is always work to be done in preparation for guests.

When I wasn't at work last week I was cleaning and scrubbing, washing sheets and towels and baking a few goodies.

All of this hustle and bustle has caused me to ask this question..

Why don't I keep my home "guest ready" all the time?

What great pearls of wisdom do you have on this subject and would you be willing to share your best tips and techniques for keeping your home "guest ready"
Would you be willing to share your best tips and techniques for getting your home "guest ready" in a hurry.


I can offer no advice whatsoever on keeping the house clean. I have 3 children under the age of 10, so I am used to seeing flecks of pudding on the ceiling.
However, for the baking of goodies- this is my department! (Although I have yet to master bakliva, much to my husband's dismay) I would highly recommend freezing things like pre-portioned cookie dough and unbaked cinnamon rolls. That way you can dazzle your guests with straight from the oven goodness (and treat their senses as they visit with the yummy smells). It also works well if you are in the mood for cookies, but your stupid diet only will allow for a single toll house morsel...sorry, I must compsose myself. You can pop that baby in the oven and treat yourself. Not to mention when you make your own cookie dough, you can control the portions.
I'm sure you already know all this, but I felt empty handed with the cleaning house stuff. My kids play king of the hill on clothes mountain. One day, God will bless this girl with a maid! ;)

Blogger Judy said...

I leave the sheets off our guest beds so when company arrives they have fresh sheets on the bed. The beds generally stay made with only the comforter on. As for guest ready in a hurry, well, as I've aged, I try not to hurry - it is what it is!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Morning Sunshine,

When I have guests I want them to feel at home. Sometimes their eating schedule isn't on ours. So my tips of course would be on the food stuff.

We have a place called "World Market". You will be able to get great selections of samples or enough for two people smoked cheeses, crackers,nuts, chocolates, coffee, tea etc. I reuse baskets or nice printed boxes and place these items in them. Your guests can eat without going through your cabinets.

When possible,provide a small coffee or hot water maker. If they get up early or go to bed late they won't disturb you.

One of the small fridges is a great option for cold items or fruit. Of course have bottled water in their room.

In the bathroom I use my collection of small items gathered from hotels. Lay fresh towels out for them and a note that says how glad I am they are there.

When the boys were young I left a general schedule of meal and bed times. Just giving an idea of the time lines of our house.

If you can't wait to put fresh sheets on the bed, but they are clean. Place dryer sheets in between the sheets and mattress. You could also place them between the sheets and rub the pillows removing them before your guests arrive.

The last resort is of course having a good Personal Assistant to help out. Oh, yes and a maid and house boy. :-)

Blogger Oh Dear said...

For our house to be guest ready all the time-I would have to live here all by myself-but I would rather share it with my huband and 3 little people.
We did recently prepare a small bedroom in our unfinished basement. I stocked the room with a bedside lamp, a sound machine-to help them rest, and a space heater with a cooling fan just in case. Not to mention a devotional book,tv, and a place to put a suitcase. I will place bathroom towels in that room also (this insures no one cleans their bike tires with the nice washclothes right before the guest arrive.)

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