One Mile and Cross Fit
Here are a few pictures from the one mile race last week.
Notice how fresh and ready to go my bestest friend Lisa looks right before we take off.

Yay! Just crossed the finish line... Where's the oxygen?

Catching my breath in the shade

With my friend Holly Hill who finished the 5 k without even breaking a sweat. Yay Holly!
Today I went with Josh and Kelsey to Cross Fit.
Okay let me just say that this place is for the SERIOUS athlete! They have a new WOD (Workout Of the Day) and each one is an inventive as you can imagine.
I've seen the kids after completing a WOD when they could hardly walk and they are at the top of their fitness game!! Really, I'm not kidding they are both incredible athletes! So... you can imagine how scared I was to try it out. But life is too short and I thought the worst (don't write me... that was my daddy's word and we all use it just like he did) that could happen would be throwing up or passing out and no one died from that. Did they?
Any woo... I went and I finished the WOD
Run 1/4 mile
Do 10 squats with over head press with 10 pound dumbbells
Do 20 box hops
Do 40 Tsunamis (make waves with a very long and heavy rope) Pictures of this to follow.
Do the exercises 3 times then
Run another 1/4 mile
My time was 16:24.
Then Josh and Kelsey taught me how to do dead lifts.
I started with the 45 pound bar and made my way up to 115 pounds doing three reps.
As soon as I get the pictures, I'll post them from today WOD.
Happy Weekend friends, I'm going to take a nap.


Blogger Cris Nole said...

:) Way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep running your race my friend, can't wait to see the pictures. Can you email me your home address, I want to send you a little girly gift.


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