Carnival Give Away Winner
Thanks to each one of you who took some time out of your busy day to post on my blog yesterday. After a long day at work I climbed into the bed last night, with clean sheets, clean jammies and read every post, I promise.
I giggled or cried right along with you.
Some of you had great words of encouragement and some of you are in the midst of great sadness.
Please know that I do not take your comments lightly nor will they be forgotten.
I'm praying with you and standing with you as we fight the good fight together as sister's in Christ.

Now, we need a drum roll please....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And a few trumpets.....Tah dah dah dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The winner of yesterday's Carnival Give Away prize is:
Anonymous who posted at 1:01 pm with the following post "Who doesn't love jewelry and a good book?"
Email me at so I can send you my prize package.

If you didn't win and are feeling a bit disappointed please check this out.
My friend Amy Carroll has a wonderful post today on disappointment, Life is not a Fairy Tale
I love Amy's closing message and agree whole heartily.

"I’m praying for you who are hurting today that these truths will be a balm to your soul. I’m praying that God will strengthen you to lift your hands to cling to Him and that He will wrap you tight in His loving arms. And I’m praying for Him to send some human hands and arms your way today to come alongside and encourage you."

I hope you will continue to stop by my blog and leave your comments.
I love conversation and I LOVE to give things away; just ask my husband how many times I've come home without my shoes and or accessories.

Thanks you again for spending part of your day with me yesterday, I am grateful!!!


Blogger Joyful said... and Zoe jewelry-less, but still blessed beyond measure to call you my friend! :) Thank you for freely giving and extending your friendship every day!


Blogger Crystal said...

Congrats to the winner! Just found out about this carnival today!! =) What a fantastic idea & I'm sure there are tons of blessed recipients today!!!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Oh, my goodness! You take a break from the cyber world and look what you miss! Wow, I'm sorry I missed out entering for all this. Congratulations to all of those who did win those fabulous give aways.

I have enjoyed reading all the posts.

Zoe, I am so glad you freely give of yourself and the blessings the Lord bestows upon you.
Love ya,

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