Love and Memories
1Colossians 3:14, "And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity." (NIV)

Tom and I will celebrate our 31st Wedding Anniversary in a few months
Boy, time flies!
We have so many MEMORIES. Funny memories like our honeymoon –When Tom watched foreign television while I threw up in the bathroom of our lovely hotel.
Painful memories like the death of beloved parents and job loss.
We’ve learned so much throughout these years . . . and our love for one another has grown and deepened.
CHANGES. I’m not just talking about my hair color or taste in clothing, I’m talking about those changes that come along with maturity. Learning to put the Lord first in everything has been a challenge for me but God has used this to temper my "Greek Passion" for life. This process, by the way, is still taking place.
DEPENDENCE. My marriage has taught me that I was not created to be self-sufficient. I need my husband. I need his support, insight, discernment, counsel, love, and presence. Tom is not perfect . . . but God did create him to be perfect for me and me for him.
He hears my secrets and keeps them well. He knows my faults and forgives them often. And loves me despite them. He sees my failures and apprehensions and encourages me through them.
Learning to say, "I'm wrong . . . I'm sorry." has been a powerful tool in our marriage
DREAMS. We’ve had many dreams as a couple throughout these years and we’ve watched God bring many of those to reality. We’ve prayed together about homes, children, finances, just about everything really.
It’s hard to express the joy we have experienced as we watch God work His will in every area of our marriage and family.
Anniversaries are a beautiful combination of memories, changes, dependence, and dreams. Ours began May 26, 1979, when we both said, "I do" and committed ourselves to each other for life. We had no idea what struggles lay ahead of us or the unspeakable joys that would knit us together.
I am a grateful wife. We are a grateful couple. Thank you Lord for the plan of marriage and the thrill of celebrating it annually with the one I love.

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Anonymous Laura said...

Zoe, you always inspire me in so many ways! I can only pray that my marriage will mimic yours as you and Tom are a role model to both of us! I love you and thank you for your honesty with everything. It reminds me that we are all human, and life may hit us hard sometimes, but that we have a loving God who knows that, who takes care of us, and who loves us unconditionally. Thank you for being you!

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