Stepping Out
Happy Friday friends,

Check out this quote from "Streams in the Desert". My sweet friend Joy posted this and I just love it.
It reminds me of the scene in the Indiana Jones movie "The last Crusade" when Indiana had to step out into "thin air" before the path was revealed to him.

"The Lord only builds a bridge of faith directly under the feet of a faithful traveler. He never builds the bridge a few steps ahead, for then it would not be one of faith."
(From Streams in the Desert)

Is the Lord asking you to step out?


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe...I'm just reading this now...again...and knowing I posted that comment for me! :)

The Lord is asking me to take so many steps of faith right now, that truly it is overwhelming! I don't see the way. I don't know the road before me. I feel like I'm stepping off into nothingness...but I'm holding onto God's promises...and walking...step by step.

I'm shaking in my boots, but I'm walking,
Love ya friend.
Sending continued prayers and hugs,

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