Helping my Mom
Well friends... After two days of packing we are still at it today. My mom has to be out of her current house in 36 hours and we are wrapping and packing things at a whirlwind pace. Who knew there was so much stuff? I bet my house has more staff than I think too.
How timely, after my last post about helping one another with those dreaded hard and dirty jobs. Whew!

I'm grateful for your posts and they are fueling our efforts. Keep them coming and each post will be entered in a drawing for a goodie gift bag. The drawing will be sometime next week, so tell your friends and keep the posts rolling in.

In the meantime, I'm being summoned back to the job at hand.

Happy Thursday


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless your family with so much going on! I loved the idea from yesterday...simply brilliant!
Teresa C.

Blogger Wander said...

God bless you. Moving is such hard work and it's a huge stressor.

I was thinking of a time when my bestie and her family were visiting our family. (Both our husbands are ministers--we were friends in seminary)
It was time for us to decorate our house for Christmas. Every year we host an open house for our whole church to come by at our home.

They stayed and helped us decorate our entire house. It was so much fun having them help us with such hard work.
I'll never forget!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Just wanted to encourage your hearts Zoe and mama. At this point you might want to throw your arms up and quit. I would enough you not to, instead try this:
Take a time out: give yourself 15 minutes for this and permission to laugh.

1) Think back on one or two of the strangest things you didn't know were hidden in the house. (I found specific goofy items from my boys)
Talk about why they were held onto and then why you are letting them or should be letting them go.

2) Remember a special time with daddy there and something silly he would do to make you two laugh.

Ok now that the giggles are out. Get back to work. You two can do this. I have found that my life is so light without all the baggage. Hope that you find it to mama!
Hugs to you both.

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