I saw this Tweet today from Anne Graham Lotz and it was such a sweet reminder to me

"I am your portion and your inheritance" Numbers 18:20b.

We don't just inherit the King's inheritance- we inherit the king!!

As we continue to persevere in our pursuit of change,
I thought this quote was a wonderful way to change my thought pattern.
I should be focused on the king, not His inheritance.

What about you friend? Are you more focused on the area of change in your life, or are you focused on worshiping the King who enables you to change?


Blogger Cheri Bunch said...

I love that scripture, Zoe! Blessings,

Blogger Kim said...

Wow! Have read that scripture many times but It really spoke to me just now. I inherit the King! I definitely find myself focusing on how/what I need to change rather than focusing on the One who will enable me to make that change

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