Rip Out and Restore
Talk about change! This topic discussion of change has had so many faces and facets.
We've been talking about lots of areas of change and if you'll give me grace I'll turn the conversation back to our September fire.

Things have been on hold since November and now we are moving forward again!
The restoration guys are back today and they will be ripping out all the walls in the garage (where the fire started and was contained).
Next week the Kitchen cabinets and back wall will be ripped out, and they will "FOG" every inch, nook and cranny of our house from the garage to the attic. Evidently, the "FOG" will seek out, consume and destroy all the lingering smoke smell caught in those hidden nook and crannies throughout out house.

In an effort to apply this to those life changes we all committed to on January 1...
I have to ask the following question...
Are there nooks and crannies in your life that need to be sought out, consumed and destroyed in the name of life change?

I know I've taken a good long look at the life changes I'm trying to make and I did find a few of those nooks and crannies that still need some work.

Are you willing to share your story with us to encourage us?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have gaping holes rather than nooks and crannies. Reading Swindoll's book, Embraced by the Spirit and loving the focus on the part of the Trinity that often gets glossed over or even ignored. He is such a powerful and essential part of our salvation and sanctification! I'm praying for revelations of those holes and the filling of them with the Holy Spirit that I would be a true vessel, able to be used by God.

Anonymous Lisa V. said...

My husband and I are going through a financial crisis. Through this we are learning to change our thinking, on what is really important in life, how to spend, simply starting over. This is something that has been long overdue in our life. Hard lesson but one well worth going through. Change hurts but knowing after we go though it, we will come out "new".

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